DIY Celebrate Card

DIY Celebrate Card

Make your own celebrate card with these step by step instructions.

What you need

Cardstock: Green and Pink
Patterned paper: Pink Paisley
Sentiment stickers
Paper flowers
Pink ribbon
Double-sided tape
Hot glue
Glue stick
Bone folder
Paper trimmer or metal ruler and craft knife
Scallop edge scissors or corner rounder punch
Hole punch


Step 1.

Form a 5 3/4 x 4″ card from pink paisley paper.

Cut 5 3/4 x 1″ strip of green cardstock and adhere to card using double-sided tape.

Card Making Supplies


Step 2.

Round the corners using scallop edge scissors or corner rounder punch.

Step 3.

Hot glue flower to the left side and affix sentiment sticker.

Step 4.

To make the tag, cut 2 1/4 x 3 1/4″ from green cardstock and 2 x 3″ from pink cardstock.

Cut a small strip of pink paisley paper and adhere to top.

Celebrate Card Tag


Step 5.

Round the corners then attach the pink piece to tag.

Step 6.

Punch hole in top.

Step 7.

Tie pink ribbon and adhere flower sticker to the bottom left corner.

Celebrate Card in Pink

All done!


  1. Good job!! Looks nice:)

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