Casserole Recipe Page

Casserole Recipe Page

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What you need

8 1/2 inch by 11 inch beige paper 80 mg. or card stock
Red Card stock
Word-processing program
Computer fonts
2 Photos
2 Golden borders stickers
1 Forest paper design
1 Fiskars Paper edgers scissors
1 Glue stick


Step one:

Cut out the recipe.
Glue the recipe and mat it on the red card stock.

Step two:

Cut out the two photos. Glue each of them at one corner on the beige paper.

Step three:

Cut out different shapes out of the forest paper design.
Cut out different computer fonts and glue them each on the figure you’ve cut out.

Step four:

One golden border on top and the other at the bottom on the page.

Step Five:

Glue all the figures in vertical line on the beige paper.

Happy Crafting.

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