Carry Around – Snail Toy

Carry Around – Snail Toy

A carry around soft toy that looks like a snail. And so easy and fun to make!

What you need

Scraps of Polar fleece (three colors)
Pipe cleaner
Pom Pom (2)
Small amount of toy filling/stuffing
Scraps of felt (black/ white)


Step 1:  Start by selecting your pattern and downloading it:

Small Snail Pattern (10 inch)

Large Snail Pattern (22 inch)

(The pattern pages should be scaled to fit an A4 sized paper).

Step 2: Cut out all your pieces – cut 2 pieces for the legs approximately 23″ x 3″ (or 60 cm x 8 cm) or for the small snail 8.5″x 1.5″ or ( 22 cm x 4 cm). The feet go on each end and then it is folded to make 2 legs.

Step 3: Cut into your circle along the dotted line so you can turn it.

Step 4: Sew around the body circle and close off one end.

Step 5: Turn and fill with Toy Filling or Wadding .

Step 6: Sew around your head circles making sure you stitch the two small pieces of pipe cleaners in place as you go. Remember to face them inwards. Make a small cut at the back – that way you can turn it.

Step 7: Now you’re ready to fill.

Step 8: Once you have filled with toy fill, stitch up the cut. This will be at the back and will not be seen. It will sit over the body join of the body circle.

Step 9: Stitch up your shoes leaving the back section open. Stitch the shoes to both ends of the legs. The front seam of the shoe should be central on the legs so that when you stitch down the back of the leg you carry on down the shoe around the heel until you meet the stitches you did at the front of the shoe. You should end up with two long legs with a shoe at each end. Now stitch down the legs leaving a gap half way along so you can turn them.

Step 10: Once you have turned them, fill the shoes but do not fill the legs (they are left flat).

Step 11: Sew up the gap fold in half and stitch both of them to the body on the flat section. Make sure you have got them even and all four shoes are facing forwards.

Step 12: Now you’re ready to sew on you face features. Once you have finished stitch the head to the body. The head should cover the join of the body.

All done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!