A Quilling Tutorial

A Quilling Tutorial

This free quilling pattern, perfect for beginners, shows you how to quill the shapes needed to create this pretty flower for a greeting card.

What you need

5-1/2″ x 4″ blank card w/envelope, white
Square card stock: 2.25″ aqua blue, 2″ lime green, 2″ white
Quilling paper strips, 1/8″ wide: (6) pieces, 6″ long, blue; (1) piece, 7″ long, green; (1) piece, 4″ long, green; (1) piece, 2″ long, white
Ribbon, blue w/green stitching, 6″
Blending chalk, blue
Slotted quilling tool
Glue w/toothpicks
Dry adhesive tape
Rubber stamp and Ink of choice (optional)


Quilling tight coil Tight Coil : Slip the end of the quilling paper strip into the slotted tool just enough to catch the paper and roll the paper around the tool, being sure to keep the paper in alignment as you roll. Using a toothpick, place a small dab of glue at the end of the strip, glue to the roll, and hold until set. Remove the tool.

quilling teardrop Teardrop : Roll a strip into a tight coil; remove the tool and allow the roll to uncoil to the desired size. Glue the loose end to the coil. Place the coil between your index finger and thumb with the glued end pointing toward your hand. Pinch the glued end into a point, allowing the opposite side to remain round.

Marquise Quilling Example Marquise : Make teardrop, then flip the coil and pinch the opposite end into a point leaving the paper round and loose in the center.<

Quilling V-Scroll Example V-Scroll : Fold your strip of paper in half. Loosely roll each end outward to form a “V” shape. Do not glue.

Roll five of the blue strips into marquise coils for the flower petals. Roll one of the blue strips into a teardrop for the flower bud. Roll the white strip into a tight coil for the flower center. Fold the 4” green strip in half and roll it into a V-scroll for the bud stem. Fold the 7” green strip in half and roll it into a V-scroll for the flower tendrils.

Quilling Flower

To assemble the flower as in the figure above, glue one point of each blue marquise to the white tight coil to form a flower. Glue the folded end of the 7” green V-scroll between two of the blue marquise coil petals on the left side of the flower to form tendrils. Glue the blue teardrop to the top of the 4” V-scroll to form a flower bud on a stem and glue the folded end between two marquise coil petals on the right side of the flower.

To assemble your card, use the photo as a guide and attach the ribbon to the card with the dry adhesive tape. Tear all four edges of the white card stock square and apply chalk to the torn edges. Adhere the white card stock to the center of the green card stock and adhere that to the center of the blue card stock.

Attach the card stack you just made to the card, layering it on top of the ribbon. Glue your completed flower to the center of the decorative square on the card. Stamp your greeting in the lower right-hand corner (optional).

This project was contributed by theartofquilling.com


  1. Simply beautiful!!!

  2. I have been working with paper for years but have shied away from quilling as I thought it too difficult. You have proven me wrong with your wonderfully clear directions and sketches! I now have no excuse for not trying quilling!

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. This is very well set out for all beginners and is eye catching and really nice.

  4. This is a great quilled item, but I can’t save it as I could not find my lost password

  5. These are wonderful instructions! Thank you for a great project!

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