Cardmaking Idea – All Occasion Chalk Card

Cardmaking Idea – All Occasion Chalk Card

This card making project shows you how to make an all occasion card in which you simply chalk in your message. A very creative idea!

What you need

Card Stock
Black matte acrylic paint or blackboard paint.
Glitter glue


The best things about these cards is you can make heaps of them and keep them in a drawer for any suitable occasion.

Start by taking your card stock and folding it to create the card. You can make these cards as small as you like or make a large one for a great group sized gift card that everyone can sign.

Paint a small section with the acrylic paint to create the chalk board. We used an oval template and covered the edges with glitter glue.

We embellished the remainder of the card with simple ribbon and a small plastic buckle.

We also stamped some glitter glue designs around the edges.

Once the card is dry you simply chalk in your message depending on the occasion.

If you create a large one or write a personal message you can seal the chalk to prevent it from coming off by spraying with hair spray or clear varnish.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!