Bubble Bath – Rose Petal

Bubble Bath – Rose Petal

A bubble bath with infused rose petals is even more relaxing than a normal one. This is a very simple recipe that tells you how to make it.

What you need

1.7 pints (1 litre) of bubble bath
1/2 cup of rose petals
10-15 drops of rose essential oil
Red food coloring


This is a great recipe to turn a basic bubble bath into a luxurious bottle of bubbles.

You can buy your ready made bubble bath from any supermarket store. If you are going to change the color of your bubble bath then you will need to find a clear bubble bath.

Start by pouring out your store bought bubble bath and placing it into a large clean jug so you can add the ingredients.

Take your bubble bath base and add your essential oils.

Chop your rose petals into large pieces and place them into the bubble bath. Add any food color at this stage also.

If you are transferring your bubble bath into a new, more decorative bottle, then make sure your decorative glass bottle or jar is clean.

Using a steady hand pour your luxurious bubble bath into the new bottle.

These are a great way to make quick personal gifts.


  1. Looks great, but can you tell me: does the picture show the rose petals, which are on a stalk, as flowers, or can i not see the petals, and i am looking at a rose bud stalk which was put there for effect? Please answer ASAP

  2. made this for my sister awesome

  3. Rosemary Rice says

    This very interesting I am going to try this project with our Aged Care Residents as a activity it seem easy & fun to do .

  4. good thing to make your own bubble bath. i think it’s very easy

  5. good thing to make your own bubble bath. i think it’s very easy

  6. great for gift giving esp this coming season of the hearts. do you have list of stores where can i get the complete materials in making bubble bath and also the bottle?

  7. I Used it for a relaxing bubble bath with my fave music and my boyfriend!!! love your ideas

  8. It’s really beautiful but it doesn’t look easy to make..

  9. good examples

  10. Good Idea, but I’m not sure I see the point of having to put it into a jug first then transfer it…

  11. Simple but stunning–the effect of the petals is interesting, though I’m wondering how long they’d hold out before wrinkling, or something…

  12. This doesnt stain in the slightest and frankly I would love rose petals floating in my bath.

  13. Sounds like a nice idea. I would love to try this.

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