Bouncing Birdie Craft

Bouncing Birdie Craft

This bouncing birdie craft project is sure to be a hit with your kids. Use a regular ping pong ball and create the nest using the step by step directions.

What you need

Bouncing Birdie:
1 ping pong ball
2 small black circle stickers for eyes
1 triangle sticker for beak
1 feather (tail)
Adhesive for attaching tail to ping pong ball

Bird’s Nest:
1 small grapevine circle (top of nest)
3 long brown pipe cleaners
2 half brown pipe cleaners
3 silk or plastic leaves


Bouncing Birdie:
1.  Stick on eyes and beak to front of ping pong ball.  Press firmly to secure.
2.  Attach feather to back of ball. (We used a rectangular piece of felt with adhesive back.)

1.  Take 1 shorter pipe cleaner and attach across the bottom of the nest by twisting around twigs on bottom.
2.  Attach the 2nd shorter pipe cleaner on the bottom going in the opposite direction, forming an “X” across bottom of the nest.
3.  Attach all 3 long pipe cleaners together by twisting the ends together, forming one very long pipe cleaner.  Shape the whole strand into a tight spiral shape.
4.  Gently push the spiral shape into the center of the nest.  This forms the bottom of the nest and should be held secure by the “X” shaped pipe cleaners attached to the bottom.
5.  Attach leaves by pushing stems into twigs on nest.


  1. This is a very good craft! If you don’t have a ping pong ball, you can use any kind of ball!

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