Bohemian Gypsy Wall Art

Bohemian Gypsy Wall Art

This tutorial shows you how to make a Bohemian gypsy inspired wall art.

What you need

Wicker Wreath
Scrap Ribbons
Scrap rick-racking

junk jewelry necklace


Start by grabbing 5-6 yards or assorted ribbons, edging and rick-racking. Try and match the colors to create a whimsical theme.

Start by tying them onto your wreath.  I used a heart shaped wreath but If you cant find one then use a coat hanger and wrap the wire with fabric to soften the look and continue the tutorial.

Once you have layered your ribbons on to the wreath, finish it off with a centre focal point. I used a $5 junk jewlery necklace but you could string beads, crystals or more ribbon to finish your look.

Make sure your design is rustic and whimsical in true Gypsy style.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!