Blue And Brown Friends Card

Blue And Brown Friends Card

This card making project shows you how to make a handmade card for your friend.

What you need

5” by 7” white folded greeting card with envelope
5” by 7” light blue cardstock paper; plus .5” by 1.5” blue rectangle
Brown cardstock; 3” diameter circle and .5” by 2” rectangle
.5” thick brown with blue ribbon; 5” long
.5mm thick small brown ribbon
Craft stick glue
3D foam dots 1/16” thin
Blue & Brown flower scrapbook embellishment
“Friends” stamp
Black ink pad


First, glue your blue cardstock directly onto your greeting card.

Next, you would need to glue on your brown circular cardstock on the top portion of the card. Remember, this card will open vertically, not horizontally.

After carefully cutting your blue & brown strip of ribbon, place it right in the middle of the brown circle going horizontally.

Peel and stick on your blue flower embellishment right in the middle of the brown circle.

Now, on your bottom right hand side corner, you will need to place your two rectangles on top of one another.

After doing that, you may either first stamp on your “friends” stamp, or stick your brown ribbon on the top left hand side corner of the brown rectangle.

You will need to do both to finish the project, so do either one in whichever order.


  1. I think it is a very cute idea. The colors go really well together. Great work!!!

  2. a good looking pretty neat card which everyone likes and tries is so beautiful is that!!!

  3. Very simple, but I like it. I love the colors, the teal and the brown look very good together:)

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