Blissful Heart Pomander

Blissful Heart Pomander

This lovely pomander heart is lovely to hang up in bedrooms or onto doorknobs or hang these on gifts or gift baskets for a little fragrant finish

What you need

Heart shaped Polystyrene shape Or Oasis carved into a heart
1 cup of dried lavender
PVA White glue


If you can not find a heart shaped polystyrene shape then using a knife carve a heart out of some oasis.

Tip the lavender out onto a shallow tray.

Using glue or a pin secure a hanging ribbon from the top of the heart by attaching it. Now you have something to hold it with whilst working.

Apply the white craft glue to one side of the heart. Dip the glued side into the tray of lavender pressing firmly to insure the lavender flowers adhere to the heart. You may need to touch up some areas by gently pressing some lavender on with your fingers.

Once it is covered set it down and allow it to dry and then repeat the process onto the other side and also the edges of the heart. Do not worry if you spill some glue onto the lavender as it will dry clear and be unnoticeable.

Once it is completely covered allow it to dry for several hours and then its ready to use.

You can of course apply this method to any shape, try a teddy bear shape with lavender for babies room to help promote sleep or use rose petals for a romantic blissfulness in the bedroom.


  1. it has fragrance thats what u do with it!

  2. what do you do with it??

  3. These would make a great party favour or gift for wedding guests.

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