Best Friend Puzzle Necklace

Best Friend Puzzle Necklace

Give this artwork for your best friend. Kids will love this as a classroom activity.

What you need

Pieces from an Old Puzzle
Satin Cord
Mini Pony Beads
Hand Hole Punch
Tacky Glue and Toothpicks
Low Temp Glue Gun
Scraps of Craft Foam
Markers or Letter Stickers


Paint two puzzle pieces that interlock together. Let dry.

Write “BEST” on one piece and “FRIEND” on the other (or you can use letter stickers).

Decorate using holes punched out of scraps of craft foam. Using a toothpick to dab on glue will make this easier.

Cut two pieces of satin cord to make puzzle pieces into necklaces.

Hot glue one end to the back of a puzzle piece. Slide on some beads.

Hot glue the other end to the other side of the puzzle piece. Repeat for second piece.

Give one to your best friend.


  1. I’m going to do this with my Girl Scouts on Earth day! I think this is great!

  2. This is awesome!

  3. COOLIO!!! my best friend will love it!!

  4. u could draw a heart + write on it+ cut it up 2 make it kinda uniqe!

  5. This seams like a great craft, excpeccially because today at stores Best Friend necklaces can go up to $20. This is a simple, easy, a inexpspencive way to show your friendship.

  6. this is a nice project, i’ll do this as my Oral Comm presentation in class, i’m pretty sure they’ll like it :bd

  7. dancR4ever1504 says

    ok I have 4 best friends and I love this project so I’m gonna do “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER AND EVER” Cheesy but It’s all I got!

  8. Or you can write like this”Best Friend Forever”so it consist of 3 puzzles!

  9. Yeahh of course your friend will love this because this is totally your hand made and recycle!Cool huh??!!

  10. AWESOME!

  11. so best friend would love love LOVE this!!

  12. THIS IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

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