Amigurumi Crochet: Kawaii Bear

Amigurumi Crochet: Kawaii Bear

This free crochet Amigurumi pattern shows you how to make an adorable Kawaii bear.

What you need

8ply wool (worsted weight) in 2 colors for body and mouth
small 6-8mm safety eyes or small buttons
small amount of polyfill toy stuffing
ribbon, bells, collar or other decorations


Starter ring used for all pieces : 3 chain join loop, 2 chain, 5 sc into loop, join to 2nd chain at beginning (6st)pull little tail to make ring snug.

Add marker and start to follow pattern. Make pieces in the correct order.


Starter ring *1sc, inc* (x3)(9st) Sc 2 rounds.

Finish and cut end with long tail to sew to head.


Starter ring *inc all* (x6)(12st) *inc all* (x12)(24st) *1sc, inc* (x9)(27st) Sc 1 round *2sc, inc* (x9)(36st) Sc 3 rounds *3sc, inc* (x9)(45st) Sc 3 rounds *3sc, dec* (x9)(36st) Sc 2 rounds *2sc, dec* (x9)(27st).

Do not end wool just loosen last stitch so you can put on the face.  Put in your eyes a couple of rounds up.

Make sure your eyes are 1.5″ to 2″ apart. Don’t put on backs till nose is stitched and you’re happy with the face.

Bunny Nose Stitching


Make a couple of horizontal stitches between the eyes. On the last stitch take the needle down and come out where you want one side of the mouth. Pull wool through.

Put Needle

Now go down where you want the other side of the mouth and back out around the middle of the nose.

Kawaii Bunny - 1


Do not pull the wool tight instead hold the loop with your finger.

Kawaii Bear Head

Now pass the needle under this loop and start to pull the wool tighter to make the mouth. Go back down under the nose and finish off inside head.

Kawaii Crochet Head 2  Kawaii Crochet Head

Start stuffing the top of the head. Continue with the pattern *1sc, dec* (x9)(18st) *1sc, dec* (x6)(12st).

Finish and cut end short and hide inside body. Finish stuffing the head. The hole gets covered by the body later.


Starter ring Sc 1 round. Do not stuff.

Finish and end with long tail to sew to body.



Starter ring *1sc, inc* (x3)(9st) Sc 2 rounds. Finish and cut end with long tail to sew to head.


Starter ring *inc all* (x6)(12st) *1sc, inc* (x6)(18st) Sc 1 round *2sc, inc* (x6)(24st) Sc 3 rounds *4sc, dec* (x4)(20st) Sc 1 round.

End leaving a long tail to sew to head later. Use only a small amount of stuffing in the body. If you over stuff he won’t stand.


Pin ears to the head. Make sure you look at the head from all angles so they line up properly.

Use a ladder stitch and sew down both sides of the head.

Bunny Kawaii 2  Bunny Kawaii

Pin body to the head making sure you cover the hole. Ladder stitch around.

Pin arms to bunny


Pin arms on teddies body close to his head and sew on.

Now flatten the base a little to find where the legs should go on.

They should be slightly forward, not at the sides. Pin and sew.

Finished Kawaii Bunny

Pin and sew Kawaii



  1. This bear is wonderful. Thank you

  2. when i crocheted my bear, there was a part with the head that confused me, but i think i figured it out
    when the instructions for the head says *1sc, inc* (x9)(27st), it should be *8sc, inc* (x3) (27st)
    i mean, it worked for me~

  3. super vet!!
    vertaling : super nice!! XD

  4. it’s so ADORABLE

  5. so cute..I love it..thanks for sharing…^_^

  6. I love all your creations and your directions are easy to follow;
    btw, what’s a ladder stitch??

  7. So cute!! I also got the bunny one too!
    I am only 13 but i love crocheting Amigurumi stuff! (stuffed animals!)

  8. Maybe its me who misunderstood something but istn’t something wrong here:

    *inc all* (x12)(24st)
    *1sc, inc* (x9)(27st)

    if u inc 9 times u will get 33st and not 27??

  9. How tall does it come out to be?

  10. lovely

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