Smelly Bum Fridge Magnet

Smelly Bum Fridge Magnet

This free craft project shows you how to make a faux bum fridge magnet.

What you need

Toy Filling
Needle and Thread
Powdered makeup blush
Fragrant Oil


This project is a variation on the Pickled Bum project.

You can change your bums into “Smelly Bums” by adding a few drops of fragrant oil to the filling. Pickled bums were very popular around 10 years ago and Rita used to sell literally 1000’s of these at craft fairs.

Start by cutting a small piece of stocking into a square approx 3 inch by 3 inch. Stitch around the outside of the square in a rough circle in a running stitch. Leave the needle in as you are going to use this to draw up the circle.

Push a piece of filling with a few drops of fragrant oil onto it (you can use cotton balls) into the stocking/hosiery. Push it in well so that it is quite firm you may need to add more filling or even take some out until it is the right size.

Draw up the circle and secure it with a few stitches. Do not break the thread. Take the needle and thread and push it from the back to the front and come up 1/2 way over the ball. Then take your thread to the back. This will form the bum (shall I say it?) crack.

Secure with a few stitches at the back and cut off the thread. Finish the bottom off with a few dabs of blush.

Trim the back of the bum so it’s nice and flat and glue on the magnet for a fun fridge magnet.


  1. millybudge says

    everyone saying these are gross and stupid,have you ever heard of a ‘sense of humour.’ No. well get one these things are hilarious 😛

  2. I think it would be cuter if there was a little lipstick kiss on the bum…like “kiss my butt” lol. Not something i would put on my fridge, but it’s silly and cute.

  3. …stupidest thing ever

  4. haha, you guys all attack the one person who doesn’t like this craft like it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever seen. he obviously didn’t like it and wanted to voice his opinion. like you guys. and to the person that used the word r*******, you should be ashamed of yourself. by the way, this project is stupid, but hilarious. i give it a good score for entertainment.

  5. lol

  6. CraftyCatholicSam says

    I remember seeing a variation of these about 15-20 years ago called “Beach Bums.” They had faces, little beach-style hats, sometimes sunglasses, etc. They were SO popular!

  7. IrishIdiot says

    I love this its funny.

  8. all you need is a cute little poem and it would be perfect

  9. Never known a little piece of nylon and some batting to stir up so much controversy. It’s just a craft project! If you don’t like it, don’t make it. Simple!

  10. OFFENSIVE- Did anyone ever read the Christmas story to you or discuss the meaning of Christmas. The leading line for the craft suggest attaching to a Christmas card. Cultural sensitivity training is in order.

  11. I have a jar of picked bums on my stove at home. I love making preserves so it was kinda funny (for me) when I brought them home 🙂 Now I know how to make them! Thank you!

  12. 🙁

  13. It is funny 🙂

    id never even bother making it tho

    christ. this is the most ignorant thing i’ve ever seen. it belongs on a fridge next to a nascar magnet.

  15. maddyt96 says

    wow guys, some people are really against these bums! if they make someone happy, why criticize them? i think that if you are saying that they are disgusting, you must just not have a very good sense of humor, i mean, come on! these are funny!

  16. I remember these magnets!!! How funny. I remember them with and without lace trims, ribbon, and even anties and thongs. LOL Thank you for the memories. I am going to make a bunch for family and friends for nostalgia’s sake. 😀 Yay!!!

  17. Love this!!!

  18. Funny object to have on your fridge, good idea though:)

  19. These make me giggle a lot!

  20. I remember these as a kid they are still funny

  21. this IS cute, and people leave your negative comments to the person in the mirror, OMG

  22. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Great Saying !

  23. I made something similar for my crafting friends. I put them on a card that said “Friends are like butt cheeks…poop may come between then but they always come back together”. Everyone loved it!

  24. Get over it people! It’s a craft for goodness sakes! So cute. Can’t wait to make a bunch of bums!!

  25. these are so freak’n funny!!! I’m planning on making a whole family of little stinkes to go my fridge – thanks for the great idea :^)

  26. This is so cute! I’m making several of these.

  27. raspberryjell-o says

    not my kinda thing sorry:(

  28. We made this at the nursing home where I work and the residents got a huge kick out of them. Inexpensive, easy, and silly. Perfect!

  29. I think these are cute and funny! There is nothing wrong with them. The people who are putting them down have no sense of humor. Hanging out with them would sure be a drag!

  30. I saw this and laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair! My mom had these on our fridge growing up, and people always laughed when they saw them.

  31. I think this is truly cute. It’s probably prudish people who cant see the humor or cute in this.

  32. Haha this is cute!

  33. you are stick in the muds have a sence of humor!

  34. squishy tooshy!!! cute:)

  35. great idea should bring a lot of laughs to my kitchen as I intend making some.,,,all shapes!!!!!

  36. Very cute!!! I love it

  37. I see nothing wrong with this project. I thought it was cute too!

  38. Cute! I think “smelly man bits” would be even better!

  39. Haha so cute! Don’t mind the nay-sayers/uber-sensitive conservatives who-apparently-don’t-have bums-themselves, I’d chalk their crankiness up to sore a sore Ischium!

  40. I have been making and selling these for years in baby-food jars, labelled ‘Pickled Bums’. Great idea for a fridge magnet tho!!

  41. I love it!! To the people complaining. Get over yourselves.

  42. hehe, so cute!

  43. very cute, funny for ones whom can take a joke!haha

  44. lovve it!

  45. Very cute. Using as a gift. He will find it hilarious. Very cute.

  46. There’s no need to be a jerk about your comments. It’s just a simple little craft. Some people really love this kind of thing.

  47. Really cute.IF YOU DON’T LIKE DON’T LOOK.

  48. absolutely adorable. Those are the cutest little bums i’ve ever seen

  49. this is so “disgusting!! i can believe that someone would come up with somethin this GROSS!!!!!”
    Yeah, God’s a real a-hole for coming up with that whole bum idea. You should write a letter. Retard.

  50. Tooo Cute!

  51. This is hilarious! anyone who thinks this is gross needs to take off their pants and look in a mirror. YOU HAVE ONE TOO. 😀 lighten up, people.

  52. hysterical!!! I might have to make them in a bunch of “flavours”

  53. Oh terrible! That is just so hilarious!

  54. not really my thing, but hey, whatever floats your boat! Weirdly cute

  55. haha this is cute and funny not gross at all

  56. haha, love it!

  57. hilarius!!!

  58. this is so disgusting!! i can believe that someone would come up with somethin this GROSS!!!!!

  59. That’s awesome!!

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