Beginner Pattern: Unisex Knitted Scarf

Beginner Pattern: Unisex Knitted Scarf

Thinking of getting into knitting? Then this easy knitted scarf is perfect for beginner knitters like you! It can be made in three simple steps. And better still, both men and women can wear it!

What you need

Worsted weight yarn 100 grams
Straight knitting needles, size 15 mm (US 19)
Yarn needle


Gauge: 2 stitches long & 2 rows high = 1 sq. inch

1. Work with 2 strands of yarn, and cast on 12 stitches

2. Knit every row for 100 rows (72 inch long scarf).

3. Cast off and weave yarn ends into the finished work.

All done!

COPYRIGHT, 2014, Emi Harrington


  1. Elie Peterson says

    You have an ad right over the instructions – coffee product ad over your pattern. I managed to print it out – have to go to p2 to print page to get pattern. Thanks anyway!!

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