Beaded Butterfly

Beaded Butterfly

Use these sweet little butterflies for embellishments in scrapbooking, cards or add them to wire stems to use as craft picks for flower arranging.

What you need

22 assorted 5-10mm beads
50cm Memory Wire (coated or plain)
Large 15mm sequin
Craft glue


Take 50cm of wire and add 11 assorted beads and secure the top bead with glue, this will become the antenna.

Twist it around to make a set of wings as shown in the pictures placing 5 beads on each loop. Once you have the top set of wings add 11 more beads. Bend the next set of wings by twisting it around your finger as to form smaller wings , again placing 5 beads into each loop.

Secure tightly by twisting together and finishing up with another Antenna and securing the end bead. to finish off the butterfly glue the sequin over the wire twists in the middle.


  1. its good for small kids. my little sister will love making these thanks xx

  2. adorable great for necklaces key chains good job!

  3. my children loved making these.

  4. nice

  5. onstage69 says

    looks cute!

  6. okay for a child

  7. nice

  8. I modified this & used it as a project for 2 little girls I teach. I even added worksheets as a supplement activity!

    View pics in my blog:

  9. Very basic

  10. I am going to make these to attach with ribbon to prayer shawls we are making for the cancer patients or anyone ill thanks

  11. great site for kids and adults love it

  12. it really is easy and works!

  13. cute! kids craft…?

  14. Why have some people given it a low rating just because it’ s suitable for beginners or children? As a beginner, I love coming across ideas like this – and it encourages us to keep persisting with our craft!

  15. this is a good idea for children in preschool. they would love to make that butterfly.

  16. Pretty simplistic. Good only for beginners or children.

  17. it doesn’t look very well done…kinda looks like a mess

  18. It looks rather childish.

  19. This is an awsome idea!

  20. you can buy the kit for this at some craft stores

  21. They would be very pretty hanging in a window or attach to a dowel and use as plant stakes.

  22. So frigging adorable. Love it XD

  23. cool man/

  24. we need more weaving projects!

  25. So cute!!!

  26. its good for beginners

  27. cute and girly

  28. barbie332002 says

    pretty… they also make great embellishments on hand bags.. also try diff shapes.. v v v nice

  29. tha’s nice!

  30. I luv it, adorable!

  31. so cute

  32. adorei,parabéns!

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