Bead & Ribbon Bookmark

Bead & Ribbon Bookmark

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What you need

Printed ribbon
4 x Beads


This bead and ribbon bookmark is so simply to make that it is the perfect craft for mass production, such as making them to sell for fundraising crafts or even making them to give away to friends and family for christmas presents.

Take your length of ribbon and cut it to 35cm’s.
Tie a knot about 5 cm’s in from the end. Then thread your beads onto the ribbon. Tie another knot at the end of the beads to stop them from falling off as shown in the picture.

For a great christmas gift, use decorative christmas ribbon and pop them into a little handmade box or a small gift bag.


  1. puppywuppy10 says

    Pretty cool!!! 😀

  2. Easy. Perfect craft for youth/cub scout group. We popped them into small silver gauze gift bags and sold them at our christmas fair.

  3. These are [erfect for Mother’s Day gifts! I’m going to supply my afterschool group with different shaped beads (flowers, letters, etc) to allow for individual personalized gifts.

  4. Lil' Miss Craftyness says

    Great! I made one and I made some more for my friends 🙂 lol we all bookworms 🙂

  5. Cute! It inspires me. I am gonna try adding jingle bells to the ends, too! Or would that get to annoying? lol thanks 🙂

  6. ElementalStarz says

    Cute and simple idea. I will print this out and try it soon!

  7. Australian_gymnast says

    Cute I love it!! I think I will make one for my friend!!:o)

  8. I think this is a great project for anyone of all ages and abilities!!

  9. great simple idea, i’m probably going to add bead to both ends!

  10. the project is a great idea. made one for all my friends.

  11. this is an okay craft. i think what would make it even better is if you have the costumer customize a saying and you design a laminated paper piece with that on it. you could attach that under the beads, to the ribbon.

  12. I love this ideal!!!

  13. I have a lot of left over craft items and I’ve wanted something to use it on and this seems perfect. Thanks for the idea.

  14. Fits all of my books!!!!!Easy to make also.

  15. good idea to make. i’m always losing my bookmarks!

  16. iSing143 says

    good idea to make. i’m always losing my bookmarks!

  17. So cute!

  18. I love this craft

  19. very innovative..and very easy to prepare.

  20. Cool and so easy!

  21. very good simple idea that can be expanded on

  22. I really like this idea its fun and cute! I would not rate it perfect though!!!

  23. What a great quick gift idea.

  24. Will try someday when I’ve found my ribbons

  25. says

    Excellent project for Junior Girl Scouts hospital tray favors! Quick and easy mass production! Thank you for the fantastic idea!

  26. thank you i have a small bussiness that does crafts and i really like this one its so easy im doing 1 right now! OMG

  27. Completely awesome! It is so speedy & easy!:) 🙂 :)Too basic? Bahumbug to you!

  28. Too basic.

  29. Simple yet cute

  30. easy and attractive craft I’m going to make some for friends

  31. Packaged nicely these would make great $1 sale items.

  32. Would make a great promo item! 🙂

  33. fine for gifts – can’t imagine anyone buying it at a craft fair

  34. My six year old was able to make this which we then gave as a personal gift with a voucher to a book store.
    We are now thinking this will be a great idea to get him to make for other family members as little extra Christmas pressies.

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