Beach Outing (Group Therapy Idea)

Beach Outing (Group Therapy Idea)

There isn't many of us who do not enjoy a day out to the beach. This activity gets your clients out and about as well as some fresh salty sea air into their lungs.

What you need

Lunch money
Summer songs


If your group or client lives near the beach then this could be a morning or afternoon activity.

If it is a distance away then travel time can be passed by having a sing along.

This will keep your clients happy and relaxed. Plan to have lunch out, perhaps fish and chips if it meets with dietary requirements for your clients or organize to have lunch in a park or restaurant.

Make sure you research the area for ramps and disabled toilets.

Prior to the outing visit the local Tourist information center to find out a list of sites and information that you can show your clients.

Follow up a visit to the beach with a weekly craft activity using seashells or sand that were collected from the beach day.

This activity can be followed by fish and chips on the seaside.

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