Knitted Bathroom Mat

Knitted Bathroom Mat

Here is a pattern for a knitted bath mat. This pattern is suitable for an intermediate knitter.

What you need

50g Balls
5 balls of main shade A
1 ball each of 2 contrasts B and C
1 pair of number 4 (6mm) needles

Bath mat: 17 inch x 24 inch (43cm x 61cm)

16sts and 20 rows to 10cm. On 6mm
needles over double moss stitch.


** with 6mm needles and color A cast on 69sts.

1st Row: K 1, *P1,K1 rep from * to end.
2nd Row: P1, *K1, P1 rep from * to end.
2rd Row: As 2nd row.
4th Row: as 1st row.
These 4 rows form the double moss stitch pattern and are rep. Throughout.
Rep 1st-4th rows 4 times.

Begin Stripes

1st row Patt 12A, patt 45 B with 2nd ball of A . patt 12 A
2nd row Patt 12A leave A on wrong side twisting it over B at join, Patt 45B
leave B on wrong side twisting it over A at join. Patt 12 A

3rd, 4th,5th and 6th rows. Patt 12A
patt 1 B , patt 43A, patt 1B using separate length of yarn for this st. only with 2nd ball of A patt 12/
The pattern will be neatest if you keep the 2nd ball of A for the left side edgeand work the side B single st.
With its onw length og yarn, twisting all yarn on W.S at every color join on each row.
Repeat last 6 rows twice.

Next 2 rows Patt 12A, 1B, 43C 1B ,12A
repeat 3rd-6th rows once and 1st-6th rows once.

Centre next row

Patt 12A, 1B,12A,17C,12A, 1B,12A
Repeat this row 9 times or until mat is half required length, ending with a W.S row
** work other half of mat in same way reversing patt.

Cast off.


  1. Does anyone reply to questions or am I just not seeing the reply’s

  2. has anyone made the bath mat? let me know what u think! at thanks knitters!

    • Im making a bath mat now out of home made t-shirt yarn… need about 10 t-shirts.. size 10 circular needle . see how to make t-shirt yarn on you-tube… anyone know how to put on binding? knit one purl one… easy… would use larger needle next time.. experiment..

  3. I think I’ll do this in cotton, because it’s less slippery. Does 12A mean to knit 12 stitches in color A?

  4. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says
  5. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    I thought we had the other patterns, but now I can’t seem to find them. With over 2500 projects I lose them very easily 🙂 I’ll keep looking and post the link here when I find it.

  6. Are the patterns for the other 2 items available?

  7. i also would like to have the patterns for all three 🙂

  8. I would like a pattern for all three of these bath items. It would make great gifts.

  9. I would like the patterns for the other pieces also. Where can we get them?
    Wanda in Maine

  10. @ Bren – I believe that “Patt 12A” means that you work 12 stitches in the established pattern in color A, which in the pictured example would be the beige. Hope this helps! Angela

  11. I haven’t tried this yet, but I sure plan on making it. I would like to have the pattern for all three pieces though. Do you have them? Thank you so much in advance. Barb from Minnesota

  12. I’m thinking the yarn to use would be cotton. I don’t think it would slide around like an acrylic

  13. I found this pattern on your site. Only one rug pattern was there. I would like to make the complete set of three. How can I get these designs? Please e-mail me with the information. Thanks in advance,

  14. what does the 12a stand for not sure what that means..bren

  15. Thank you so much. I really like this pattern. Is acrylic yarn ok to use for this pattern ?

  16. love the pattern was good to make

  17. I love the mat love it

  18. begood2motherearth says

    I’m looking forward to trying this pattern. There were comments made on here about the colour scheme, however you can do the colours anyway you want to match your bathroom. I can’t stand store bought mats.

  19. bad!

  20. I give it 5 stars. This is a great patterns set.

  21. modern, useful, restful to the eye

  22. Love this mat.

  23. the pattern does not say what kind of yarn to use, wool? acrylic? worsted weight? sport? bulky?

  24. deen to tell us all of them

  25. I don’t think the comments section is for you to comment on your own personal tastes. It is to comment on the project overall. Just because you don’t like it doesnt mean every one doesnt.

  26. The pattern is helpful but the way the stripes and such are done is unattractive. A new color scheme with different presentation would make it more appealing

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