Basic Teens Knitted Beanie

Basic Teens Knitted Beanie

Create this knitted beanie using this simple pattern for a teenager.

What you need

10 years-13 years sized hat
Size 10 (6 mm)
2 oz (50 g) of bright colored worsted weight or 8 ply yarn


Cast on 68 sts

Row one: K2, P2, K2 across line, ending with P2.

Rows 2 to row 6: Repeat Row 1.

Row 7: Knit across

Row 8: Purl across

Repeat these 2 rows until hat is 9 1/2″ (24cm) from the start and, ending with a purl row.

Start Decrease

1st decrease row- K2 together across the row.

Next row: Purl

Next row: K2 together across

Last row: Purl across.

Cut a 12″ (30 cm) length of yarn, thread a yarn needle.

Carefully pull the last row of knitting from the needle and thread the needle through every stitch. Pull tightly then whip stitch the seam shut.

Add an optional Pom Pom or flower to the beanie and it is complete.


  1. sally lavan says

    i love this project and many more yo u have given us thank you for your time and talents god bless you . sally lavan

  2. how is 9.5″ same as 24 inch ?. am i missing something?

  3. Megan Frisco says

    Found instructions for the teen size & child size; would like instructions for this pattern in adult size.

  4. Cut out a felt flower or even double it for a 3 -d effect. Decorate with seguins, beads or whatever. Make felt green leaves and be original. This is so simple and even idiots can do it. Helen

  5. the picture does not match the pattern, for adult and teenager it is stocking stitch while the picture shows, knit one purl one

  6. nice i’m very eager to try it but you dhould consider adding more teenager things or make them easier to find i could not find anything other than this 🙁 but i like this pattern and i’m making it right now.

  7. adorable

  8. its great just what I wonted for my daughter.Easy to read instructions.

  9. pinkygirl375 says

    i luv this pattern! it is cute and simple and really fun to make. great job!=D

  10. exactly what my daughter was looking for

  11. That’s not true, telling someone what to do and telling them how to do it are two different things. But overall I think it’s pretty good, picture would be nice but not necessary.

  12. It would be helpful to have a picture. I don’t think I would use a pom pom on top. I might just leave that out.

  13. creativemind says

    It’s a nice idea, but I think there should be a picture of the finished project, so readers will know what it is to look like.

  14. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    umm hello!!!!!dingdong…telling us how to do it and telling us what to do are the same thing….needs a josie

  15. kdd

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