Gag Gift Idea: Ball Of Life Poem

Gag Gift Idea: Ball Of Life Poem

This fun Christmas gift idea, with poem, is a great gag gift for the holiday season.

What you need

Tennis ball
Optional box


You can tie the poem directly to the ball or place the ball into a organza bag, gift bag or into a box.

The Ball Of Life Poem

Suffering from stress: Fondle it constantly.

Need to relieve your anger: Throw it at someone.

Short of a massage: Roll it around the bottom of your feet.

Lack of communication in your life: Tell it your inner most secrets.

Short of a good friend: Paint a smiley face on it.

Needing some unconditional love: Throw it at a wall, it will always come back to you.

Want to be less selfish: Lend it to someone when you are not using it.

Want to be aware of others, want to become more thoughtful: Look after your ball, try to understand how it feels to be kicked about, stood on, given away and abused.

Want to be less judgmental: Be happy with this gift, it’s the thought that counts not the cost.


  1. We gave this to a friend one year and he still tells people that it is the best present anyone ever gave him. I think you just have to be careful who you give it too. Some people would probably be offended.

  2. iloveit

  3. This is fantastic my dad is turning 70 and it will be the perfect gag gift plus the bonus is he actually plays tennis!!!!

  4. I love it will sure be using this idea in the future

  5. Love this gift! Honestly a great gift! I cant wait to give it to my mum on christmas! Very creative!

  6. falineowlight says

    *rofl* This is fabulous! I can’t wait to send it to my friends. 😀

  7. love it so much

  8. this a really…………..great gag gift. i love it! can’t wait to make this.

  9. My brother always complains about me giving him useless or cheap gifts at Christmas. If I give him this with a few other good gifts and this one, it will make up for the year I gave him a toy that he claimed to be a dog toy. The crazy nineteen year old has no idea that our dog would never play with that.

  10. Love this project – am going to make some for my friends to give at Christmas. If it makes them smile I’ll be happy.

  11. This is wonderful ! To me the “gift” will be in the LAUGHS once the poem is read. There is really too much negativity and sadness in this world – a good laugh is worth a million! 🙂 Kristi

  12. aww this is cute

  13. love it-will give to my tennis teammates –karinya

  14. I love it!!

  15. I love this idea! im going to get tennis balls right now! lol =)

  16. that craft is so weird

  17. Clever Idea! Its got a really good message. Will use it on my dad! =)

  18. LOL I love it

  19. That’s really sweet!

  20. The idea is clever, but I can’t imagine anyone actually appreciating it as an actual gift… The message is good, but the “gift” itself seems rather thoughtless = (

  21. Love it. I guess you have to have a sense of humor to appreciate the simple things. It’s the THOUGHT of the gift you give, not the cost, at least, that’s how my family/friends feel. Thank goodness for the simple things!!!

  22. kobisgal says


  23. Very cute!!! This will definetly be a stocking stuffer from me.

  24. that is so stupid who would ever come up with a tennis ball in a box and somebody opens it and they say o boy a brand new tennis ball you dont even know how to play!

  25. AMAZING!!!

  26. i love it!!!!

  27. Such a creative idea. The poem is awesome.

  28. Needed that smile!!!!

  29. Very cute gift.

  30. CraftyMoo81 says

    awesome idea! i plan on giving one to my sisters.

  31. Cute idea x]

  32. LOL, truly for the person who has everything!

  33. i very much so enjoyed reading this and with the last few words i felt a sence of releif this is perfect for my boyfriend whom i dearly love but sometimes he is not so thoughtful of others….

  34. This is good it is easy and cheap to make!

  35. I am going to use this on my aunt. She always has somthing to say, maybe now she wolnt he he he

  36. I LOVE IT

  37. Okay, this is definitely going to go to my older bro! He NEEDS this!

  38. this is so for my mom and dad

  39. this is good for people to be happy and it costs a little if you have some tennis balls

  40. This is such an awesome idea! I am so using it!

  41. volleyball3787 says

    This is a great idea.

  42. perfect for stressed out kids

  43. that is really creative!

  44. This really made me smile.
    I LOVE it.

  45. I think this is really cute & know just person who will receive it & should use it.

  46. volley11ball says

    I loved this i am making this for my parents for christmas! They are going to love it!!!

  47. that is such a good idea and i just LLLOOOOVVEE the poem! im so making it for all my frends and family!

  48. I don’t get it…..

  49. says

    Love it!!!!

  50. Great for tired/stressed parents!!

  51. this is a cute idea!

  52. I LOVE THE IDEA<3!

  53. this is an awesome idea! would use it anytime

  54. SarahMorris says

    I really like this idea, I’m going to make one for my husband for Christmas

  55. why not use a stress ball?? HMM..?

  56. Perfect for my dad!

  57. what an absolutely cute idea,

  58. Just reading this idea relieved MY stress! I am smiling!

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