Baby Sock Car Hangup

Baby Sock Car Hangup

This is a really simple project, a good idea for a new dad.

What you need

– Old Baby Socks
– String (preferably decorative, I used a white one from a gift bag…looked great)
– About 4 cotton balls
– Button (something that would look good with the socks)
– Glue gun


I made this for my husband for his 1st father’s day, using our first born son’s first socks. Lot’s of firsts!

What you do is you take the string and you tie a bow in the middle so that there is even amount of string hanging down from the bow.

Then you take the socks and put the ends of the bow inside either sock at the back part (by the heel and up).

Once you know how deep you want the string to go in you simple take your glue gun and glue the string to the inside of the sock at the heel.

Turn the sock inside out and glue the string that’s already in the sock to the back.

Once it’s dry, insert two cotton balls into either sock. Make it look pretty 🙂

Then you glue the opening of the sock shut.

Finally, you glue the button onto the center of the bow. And you’re ready to hang it off your rear view mirror as constant reminder of the little one who loves you so much!

P.S…You can sew it if you want, but glue is just fine.


  1. my daughter is expecting in september i made those for their car … her husband said they are really cool … easy project for an afternoon …. loved doing them xx thanks

  2. idea-cute
    no images-kinda pathetic
    hanging from mirror- illegal in this state
    other wise nice way to preserve the teeny socks

  3. i need to see a picture

  4. You could add potpouri if you wnted to make it sented

  5. if you could put a picture up that would be helpful

  6. I think I’d add some lavender or something like Rosemary and hang from my review window. : )

  7. cute!
    i would like to see a picture of it though.

  8. i like this website and all the baby things on it thhey are well cute xxx

  9. that is an adorable idea. would look great as a mobile in babys room too.

  10. I think this is a very sweet thing to do! My husband deployed to Iraq when our daughter was only 4 months old and I know he will LOVE to hang one of these socks in his room over there to remind him of his little angel!!

  11. This is very cute and creative……

  12. stupidest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. No picture (or provision for one) on my screen. Saves catty comments I guess!

  14. i saw this one done by my aunt but she changed it a bit…
    She cut a piece of fragrant soap into two, put each into the socks, embellish the socks with bows and beads and hang them up with a decorative string!

  15. very cute idea!

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