Laptop Snuggler – Ladies Pastels

This free knitting project shows you how to knit a cozy snuggler for your laptop. It not only looks great on your laptop but it also helps protect and cover your laptop from dust and scratches.

Laptop Snuggler – Ladies Pastels

What you need

5mm Needles for Flowers
7mm Needles
2 Strands of velor/fairy floss double worsted 8 ply yarn.


Cast on 24 sts

K 6 rows in RIB (k1,p1)

Change to 7mm needles and next 48 rows are in Moss stitch.

Moss stitch is easier if the stitches are uneven, so K twice into the first st (25sts) you can change the color with a stripe as we did on one side if you wish.

Continue with second side

Knit 48 rows or desired length, change back to 5mm needles and RIB 6 rows. Cast Off.

Stitch up the side and fasten off.

Make a cord by chaining the yarn.

Thread this cord through your project just below the ribbed section.

The flowers are from Jean Greenhouse book Pansies and daisies.


  1. I have a laptop, but i don’t know how to pearl! Otherwise, this would be very cute!

  2. That’s so cute (:
    But a. what’s moss stitch?
    and b. how big is it? cuz laptops come in all different sizes.

  3. Where did you get the yarn from ?

  4. I will try this one!

    PS – Moss Stitch is when you knit one, purl one.

    Happy knitting 🙂

  5. I didn’t do this project, but i will try. This is very cute.

  6. I’mnew with knitting. What is a moss stitch?

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