Laptop Snuggler – Ladies Pastels

Laptop Snuggler – Ladies Pastels

This free knitting project shows you how to knit a cozy snuggler for your laptop. It not only looks great on your laptop but it also helps protect and cover your laptop from dust and scratches.

What you need

5mm Needles for Flowers
7mm Needles
2 Strands of velor/fairy floss double worsted 8 ply yarn.


Cast on 24 sts

K 6 rows in RIB (k1,p1)

Change to 7mm needles and next 48 rows are in Moss stitch.

Moss stitch is easier if the stitches are uneven, so K twice into the first st (25sts) you can change the color with a stripe as we did on one side if you wish.

Continue with second side

Knit 48 rows or desired length, change back to 5mm needles and RIB 6 rows. Cast Off.

Stitch up the side and fasten off.

Make a cord by chaining the yarn.

Thread this cord through your project just below the ribbed section.

The flowers are from Jean Greenhouse book Pansies and daisies.


  1. I have a laptop, but i don’t know how to pearl! Otherwise, this would be very cute!

  2. That’s so cute (:
    But a. what’s moss stitch?
    and b. how big is it? cuz laptops come in all different sizes.

  3. Where did you get the yarn from ?

  4. I will try this one!

    PS – Moss Stitch is when you knit one, purl one.

    Happy knitting 🙂

  5. I didn’t do this project, but i will try. This is very cute.

  6. I’mnew with knitting. What is a moss stitch?

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