Upcycled Shamwow – Sweat Head Band

Upcycled Shamwow – Sweat Head Band

This upcycled/recycled project shows you how to create a modern stylish ladies sweat absorbing headband using a Shamwow.

What you need

Needle and Thread


Step 1: Cut a strip of Shamwow approx 1 inch or 2 1/2 cm and the length needed to go around your head.

Step 2: Stitch the two ends together to form the band.

Step 3: Decorate it with a flower.


Step 4: To make the flower, cut out three petal shapes from the diagram. Stitch them together making the stitches in the middle and  finish off with a button. Now stitch onto the headband!




  1. Looks good… Only, what’s a sham wow?!?!?!

  2. wondering…if you could dye the sham wow material…..just for variety….this is an awesome idea for sure… super absorbent…. he he

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