Baby Shower – What’s In Your Tummy

Baby Shower – What’s In Your Tummy

Ah, what an adorable pregnant card to give to someone at their baby shower! And DIY too.

What you need

5 x 7 white greeting card with envelope
5 x 7 decorated pink polka dotted paper
7″ pink with white polka dots ribbon (including bow)
3.5 x 6 pink paper
3 x 5.5 black paper
2.5 x 4.5 white paper
A cut out of a pregnant lady
Craft stick glue
“What’s in your tummy?” clear sticker


To make this card, begin by gluing the polka dotted paper onto the card. Next glue and layer the following paper, pink, black and white, all just like pictured.

Now, glue those layered pieces on top of one another and glue onto the card.

Draw and cut out a picture of a pregnant lady. If you can’t draw this, then print this card and cut out the lady.

Once you cut it out, trace it onto a black paper and cut it out and then glue it onto the card.

After you had glued the lady onto the card, place your clear sticker anywhere where there is space, in this case it’s on the top left hand side.

And last, glue and tie and bow in your ribbon, and glue this on the left hand side of the card.


  1. Cute play on the credit card commercials “What’s in YOUR wallet!?” =)

  2. Nice idea, but not everyone, in fact very few, are talented enough to draw a picture like that!

  3. watergoddess1998 says

    isn’t that sort of rude to “sort of” give someone a card saying waht’s in your tummy? Just make a congrats card instead

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