Baby Shower – Diaper Cupboard

Baby Shower – Diaper Cupboard

Create a diaper cupboard to give as a gift for a baby shower

What you need

A large cardboard box,
Wrapping paper,
2 thumbtacks,
2 paper towel rolls,
hot glue gun,
decorations (stickers etc)
baby hangers and baby clothes and accessories of your choice.


You will need to put baby clothes on a hanger and hold it up to the box you picked to make sure you will have enough room for them. The box will be standing straight up so you have vertical doors to open like a closet.

Step 1: Cover the entire box (inside and outside) with wrapping paper of your choice. I used blue because it was for a new baby boy. (make sure you wrap each door separately so you are able to open and close the doors.

Step 2: The clothes hanger on the inside will be made of 2 paper towel rolls. You will have to cut one to fit the rest of the way. So what I did was that I hot glued both rolls together and then cut a few inches off one end of one roll and kept cutting until it fit very snugly inside the box. You will need to hot glue both outer ends to the actual box to hold the hangers. (I used a bunch of glue to make sure it was sturdy). Let it sit for a few minutes to dry completely.

Step 3: Decorate the outside of your box to make it visually appealing to others and the new mommy to be.

Step 4: Take the 2 thumbtacks and put glue all over the point of each tack and the base where it will be touching the cardboard. Insert them on the two front doors so you can use them as handles (if you have something else you would like to use instead of tacks – go for it).

Step 5: I made mine super simple and added “baby carter” to the front 2 doors with bow stickers and blue tacks. I also made a real life lookalike sleeping baby for the top to decorate a little more and be creative.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!