Baby Shower – Cloth Diaper Cake

Baby Shower – Cloth Diaper Cake

We have a disposable diaper cake - but we wanted to present a cloth diaper cake. Perfect for a baby shower!

What you need

12 Cloth diapers
20 Diaper pins
1 Receiving blanket


Fold all the diapers into 3rds lengthwise. Roll up the receiving blanket – this will become the center of the cake. Measure to make sure it’s tall enough (3 diapers/ 3 Tiers high).

Roll the diapers around the receiving blanket to make the cake, pinning to secure the diapers in place as needed. Use 7 diapers for the base, 4 diapers for the middle layer, and 1 diaper for the top.

Use the ribbon to decorate the cake.

Add embellishments such as silk flowers or small baby items like rattles, dummies, baby socks and more.

Perfect gift for a baby shower or a new mum.

Learn How to Make a “Disposable” Diaper Cake


  1. Hey Wait a Minute! I have one of those from MY baby shower!
    But mine was only one single cake.

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