Baby Shower – Broken Waters Game

Baby Shower – Broken Waters Game

This baby shower game is lots of fun and quick to make.

What you need

Ice cube tray
Small baby dolls


This game cane be played in several ways. The basic idea is the person whose water breaks first (ice cube melts) is the winner and they win a small prize.

You can place the ice cubes onto a plate and hand the plates around to see whose water will break first.

Or you can hand them out and have the guests hold them in their hands until they melt for a cold and messy baby shower game.


  1. cathy1986 says

    This game sounds kinda lame

    What we did was outside everyone stands in a circle and we had a water bomb filled and what you do is throw it to each other around the circle once you catch it take a step back and throw to next person and so on till the water bomb pops and they yell my waters just broke hahahaha

  2. This was a fun game at my cousin’s baby shower!

  3. Good idea

  4. That would really be funny if there was more than 1 pregnant lady in the room to see whose water really broke first.

  5. We put them in the punch as each guest took it and a lot of them sucked on cubes to make them melt faster, great idea and funny when 70. Yr old yells my water broke!

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