Babushka Russian Doll – Spring

Babushka Russian Doll – Spring

This knitting pattern shows you how to knit an adorable Russian Matryoshka doll.

What you need

Size 8 & 10 (4&6 mm) knitting needles
Double worsted yarn (8 ply)
Size 12 inch


Using two strands of 8 ply and Size 10 (6 mm) Knitting needles.

Cast on 40 stitches

Row 1- knit

Row 2- knit 1 purl 1

(Theses two rows form the pattern)

Continue in pattern for 24 rows

Now begin to shape shoulders

On the knit row-

K8(k2tog) 3 times k12 (k2tog) 3 times k8

Pat 8 p1 k 2 pat 12 p1 k 2 pat 8

Knit one row

Pat 8 (k2 tog) 2 times  pat 10( k2 tog) 2 times

Pat 8


Pat 8 k2 tog pat 10 k 2 tog pat 8 (28sts)

Neck- k1 k2  tog to the end ( 19 stitches)

Change to flesh colour for the head

The head is knit in stocking stitch

With pattern side facing st st 2 rows

Head -( k1 m 1) 8 times k 3( k1m1) 8 times

(34 sts,)

Stocking stitch 14rows

Top of head-k2 k2 tog  to  the end

P1 row

K1 k2 tog. To the last 2 stitches  k2

P1 row

K2 tog to the end

P2 tog to the end

Thread yarn through stitches. Fasten off

Base of body-

Using 2 strands of body colour cast on 6 stitches

P1 row

Inc knit wise into first and last stitch

P1 row (8 stitches)

Inc knit wise into first and last stitch

P1 row (10 stitches)

Sts 4 rows

K2 tog at the beginning and end of this row

P1 row (8 stitches)

K2tog at the beginning and end of this row

P1 row ( 6 stitches )

Cast off.

Stitch the body to the base leave a gap for filling, the seam should be at the back

Fill with wadding and close up the gap.


Using 8ply (single thread) Size 8 US(4 mm) needles

Cast on 10stitches

K1 row

P1 row

Inc at the beginning and end of this row and every alternate row until you have (16 stitches)

Now Inc at the beginning and end of every row until you have ( 30 stitches)

Sts 16 rows.

Cast off.

Make a waist band cast on 46 sts and rib k1 p1   For 6 rows cast off.

Sew into place.

Head cover –  Size 8 US (4mm) knitting needles 1 strand of Double Worsted (8 ply)

Cast on 40 stitches

Garter stitch 32 rows

Shape the back-

K8 k2 tog to the end

K1 row

K7 k2 tog to the end


K6 k2 tog to the end

Continue in this sequence until you have – k2 tog to the end

Thread your yarn through the stitches and fasten off.

Before stitching into place , place strands of dark brown in position for hair now stitch the head piece in place.

Neck section

Cast on 60sts garter st 2 rows

Dec 1 sts at the beginning and end of this row and every alternate row until you have 38 stitches cast off.

Stitch into place.

The cast off edge goes around the neck.

Make two sleeves –

Cast on  14 stitches

Pat 4 rows

Now begin to shape the sleeve

Dec at the beginning and end of this row and every alternate row until you have 6 sts left continue in pattern for 4 more rows cast off

The sleeve is only one sided, stitch into place and fill very slightly with wadding.

Make two hands – theses are done in flesh color.

Cast on 20 stitches and st st 4 rows

Next row k4 m1 k to last 4 sts m1 k4

P1 row

Repeat theses two rows two more times

K4 turn

St st 2 rows

Break off yarn and thread through stitches and fasten off

With k side facing rejoin yarn and knit to the end of the remaining stitches

P4 turn

K4   Now thread yarn through the 4 stitches

And fasten off

Rejoin yarn again and st st 4 rows

K2tog to the end

Cast off.

Once you have stitched you hands together fill very slightly and stitch into place.

You can decorate your apron with embroidery stitches if you wish.

All done!


  1. This project knits up easily, but the pattern is poorly written and needs some explanation for those knitters who are not confident/are inexperienced in reading patterns. A quick look at it to tidy up the wording and to explain is probably called for.

  2. Are the sleeves done in double thickness and 6mm or single and 4mm?

  3. For the head cover how many stitches do you continue the sequence?

    • Lisa Ogilvie says

      You will continue the sequence until you only have a K2tog to finish the head covering. After the K6 K2tog, the next row will be K5 K2tog and so on, each row is reducing 1 stitch and you continue to do this until there are just 2 stitches left to do the final K2tog.

  4. I am not sure what pat 8 means next to k2 tog etc…, and pat 8 alone ?

    If you can e-mail me at will be most appreciated.

    • Lisa Ogilvie says

      Pat 8 means to work 8 stitches in the previously established pattern. I know this is really late, but it might help someone else with the same question about the pattern.

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