Aquarium in a Bottle

Aquarium in a Bottle

Use beads and an old empty bottle to create the illusion of an aquarium in a bottle!

What you need

1. Empty Glass Bottle ( Jam , Breezer, Juice , Coke)

2. Glass paints ( green, pink , red, orange etc)

3. Glass outliner ( silver , bronze)

4. Blue beads ( jelly beads , regular beads to fill the bottle up till the brim)


1. Clean the glass bottle completely ( remove any stickers and the contents , clean with water and dry it)

2. You could use the free hand glass outlier to draw the fishes, under water plants, fishes breathing out air, either in silver or bronze)

3. Once they dry ( about 30 min to 1 hour), fill them with the glass colors

4. Once the glass colors dry, fill the bottle with the blue beads

5. Other themes you could create are: draw camels and fill the bottle with sand to give it a dessert feel.


  1. This awesome! The possibilities are endless! Water theme, desert theme, Jungle theme, Volcano theme, Underground theme, Wow I can’t wait to get started!

  2. WhiteHorse says

    great idea. Cant believe im the only one to comment! xx

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