Anti-Nausea Soap

Anti-Nausea Soap

This soap is deliciously refreshing that warms your blood and stimulates your body. Lovely to use when suffering from morning sickness!

What you need

2 tsps of powdered ginger
340 g/12 ounces of grated Soap or melt and pour soap base


The ginger is gently absorbed into your skin and the aroma fills the bathroom with a very calming scent.

Melt the  Melt and Pour Soap base. Add the ginger and optional dye and mix well. Pour into molds.



This soap recipes uses the Melt & Pour Method of soap making.

Note: There are very different beliefs to the aid of ginger during pregnancy. Remember to discuss any products with your doctor (even natural remedies).


  1. Annie Enoch-Ajibola says

    I will try this, it sound very good and relaxing.

  2. should water be melted in together with the soap and ginger? Or would you melt soap and ginger alone over a double boiler…?

  3. This is soap is also very helpful for cancer patients going through chemo. I made it for my husband and it gave him some relief.

  4. This sounds great. I wonder if it would work for other types of nausea? Either way, I wanna make it just for the smell. I’m WAY past the age for pregnancy…LOL. Thank goodness.

  5. Designer D says

    very relaxing for expectant mothers

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