Anti-Nausea Soap

Anti-Nausea Soap

This soap is deliciously refreshing that warms your blood and stimulates your body. Lovely to use when suffering from morning sickness!

What you need

2 tsps of powdered ginger
340 g/12 ounces of grated Soap or melt and pour soap base


The ginger is gently absorbed into your skin and the aroma fills the bathroom with a very calming scent.

Melt the  Melt and Pour Soap base. Add the ginger and optional dye and mix well. Pour into molds.



This soap recipes uses the Melt & Pour Method of soap making.

Note: There are very different beliefs about the aid of ginger during pregnancy. Remember to discuss any products with your doctor (even natural remedies).


Make this fun but practical morning sickness survival kit for a friend who is pregnant. These Survival kits are perfect for the early stages of pregnancy when morning sickness kicks in.


  1. Annie Enoch-Ajibola says

    I will try this, it sound very good and relaxing.

  2. should water be melted in together with the soap and ginger? Or would you melt soap and ginger alone over a double boiler…?

  3. This is soap is also very helpful for cancer patients going through chemo. I made it for my husband and it gave him some relief.

  4. This sounds great. I wonder if it would work for other types of nausea? Either way, I wanna make it just for the smell. I’m WAY past the age for pregnancy…LOL. Thank goodness.

  5. Designer D says

    very relaxing for expectant mothers

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