Survival Kit For Morning Sickness

Survival Kit For Morning Sickness

Make this fun but practical morning sickness survival kit for a friend who is pregnant. These Survival kits are perfect for the early stages of pregnancy when morning sickness kicks in.

What you need

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This little gift idea is the perfect gift for a new pregnancy or anyone who is experiencing Morning sickness.  This fun little morning sickness survival kit is so easy to put together it will be a great help to a newly pregnant woman.

Purchase a small gift bag and fill it with all or some of the items below along with a label explaining each survival item. Each item is relevant to morning sickness and should be included in the Morning sickness survival pack.  The only other item I would suggest is a anti-nausea wrist band which really helped me when I was pregnant and of course, staying hydrated with hydration tablets.

Saltines or Sayo’s – for the sick in the morning feeling

Chamomile tea – to settle your upset stomach

Travel toothbrush – for a quick brush wherever you might be

Mints – for fresh breath

Chewing Gum – To distract from vomiting

Moist towelettes – for a fresh clean up

Ginger biscuits – For keeping up your energy and settling the nausea


  1. Oh my god.. soo helpfull

  2. Friendship-Bracelet4Ever says

    oh gosh this is cute, I would probly give it to my brother tho.

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