Make A Carrot Soap

Make A Carrot Soap

Carrots contain Vitamin A which will leave your skin fresh and healthy.

What you need

1 Medium carrot
2 tsp of Powdered benzoin (preservative)
Orange dye (optional)
12 oz (340g) of Grated Soap or soap flakes


Purée the carrots in a blender then add enough water to make it up to 9 ounces (250 g) of liquid.

Melt the liquid together with the Melt and Pour Soap base and the benzoin and dye and pour into molds.

This soap recipes uses the Melt & Pour Method of soap making.


  1. Annie Enoch-Ajibola says

    I love carrot soap, I have made carrot soap in cold process method and it came out very nice. I will make it in this process too, can’t wait.

  2. can not wait to try this at home

  3. Is the carrot to be cooked first or raw?

  4. Where do you get that preservative thing?

  5. It was very helpful because we used it in our school project

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