A Jar of Nothing Gift

A Jar of Nothing Gift

An all time favorite, the jar of nothing is a great gag gift idea.

What you need

Empty jar
Sticky label paper or Paper and
Clear Glue



How often are you faced with the answer to a question of what you want for Christmas? For your birthday? and they answer “Nothing!”  this is that gift!

Introducing the perfect gag gift for that special someone who has everything: the Jar of Nothing! This hilarious and unique gift is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face and leave them scratching their head. What could possibly be inside this jar? Well, nothing of course! It’s a witty and playful way to poke fun at the idea of material possessions and the obsession with acquiring more stuff.

Whether you’re looking for a funny birthday present, a lighthearted way to tease a friend, or simply want to add some humor to your gift-giving, the Jar of Nothing is the perfect choice. So go ahead and give the gift of nothing – it’s sure to be a hit!

For this project, all you need is an empty jar you can also buy these on Amazon if you don’t want to make one.

You can print this saying out onto some adhesive label paper suitable for your printer or print it onto normal plain paper. Use some clear craft glue to adhere it to the jar.

If you want to go all out you can add some ribbon to the jar and even box it up for a great gag gift.

The Saying

Did you say nothing?

When you were asked what you wanted for

Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation or Christmas.

Don’t you remember saying NOTHING

Well this time someone heard you, searched

high and low and found this perfect gift for you.

Note: These are great for Christmas fundraising stalls, they are quick to make and everyone loves them.




  1. I made a “jar of nothing” for my mom over 10 years ago!!! I wrote my own “note” and glued it to the jar. My mom loved it!!! When I would ask her what she wanted for Christmas she would alway say “Don’t buy me anything. All I want is love.” Although my mom is gone, that jar still sits on my mantel.

  2. Could get it to print labels but it printed all the comments

  3. How do you print this??? Can’t figure it out 🙁 love the idea though

  4. HAHA. This is perfect! 😀

  5. Mrs Shirley Clement says

    but they’d be a bit put out if that was all. My grownup son and daughters give each other nothing and spend some money on something for themselves that they know what they will want. Strange family I raised.

  6. ive asked my brother a million times what he wants for his bithday or christmas so i just dont give him any thing or i give him like 5 bucks because he says nothing

  7. I love it but I would have to say Just Kidding and give a real gift

  8. This is really cute and a fantastic idea. How many times have I asked my friends or been asked myself what do you want for . . . . . and have answered “nothing”. Can’t wait to use this as a matter of fact I need this for a gift in a few days. Thanks for a cute idea!

  9. cute!!


  11. For all you people who think this is mean: it’s a gag gift, not your ONLY gift. Yes, it would be a mean move to give them only this. But I think the point is you give this, and then a real gift.

  12. This is a funny idea-of course I hope no one really gives it instead of a real gift, that probably wouldn’t be nice.

  13. “What do you want for Christmas?”
    “Oh, nothing.”
    (Christmas Day)
    “Here’s your jar of nothing!!!”

  14. Love it!!

  15. This is great,,will work for several of my family and friends, fixing to start making itup

  16. Awesome!!! It’s GREAT!

  17. 🆒Lol so funny. 🎄Every one in my family asks for nothing🎅 Will be such fun on Xmas day!👝👝

  18. Excellent!

  19. This will be perfect for my dad for Christmas. He is 89 years young and I can never find the right gift — because he says that he always wants “nothing”. Thank you for the saying!!

  20. LOL my dad asks for nothing, so this is the perfect gift!

  21. its ok but whats the point giving someone a present with nothink in there????

  22. M.e.a.n. s.p.i.r.i.t.e.d. U.n.f.u.n.n.y. T.a.s.t.e.l.e.s.s.

    • It’s just a joke of course you give them a real gift after. So nothing mean spirited about it. How many times have you asked someone what they would like for their birthday etc and they say nothing. With this you give them exactly what they have asked for

  23. I’m liking this. It’s a gr8 idea for those people who just dont want anything. thanks for a wonderful idea 😉

  24. hahaha, thats awesome! Love it!

  25. LOL this is CUte!! keep it up, make more funny things! how about a fancier label though, but its totally fine- good job! 5

  26. 1

  27. I like this idea. It’s funny!

  28. my best friend ALWAYS says she doent want anything so now i can give her exactly what she wants 😀

  29. 😀 ahahahah

  30. 1

  31. I love this idea as there is something on IWoot that was almost identicle to this for £5!!! But not on its own 🙂

  32. haha, this is cool. i’m gonna give it to my mom on mothers day but put the real gift inside

  33. Am I the only person who doesn’t think this is that funny?

    • Kathleen McKinstry says

      For all the people that don’t think this is funny – add some humor to your life. You must be a stuffy, boring person!

  34. Great idea! i make it for my girlfriend because she has always wanted NOTHING..now i finally know how make it real )
    but the real gift will be a book.. ) im russian we have different traditions about new year and xmas so…
    anyway thanx a lot ! happy holidays to all of you!

  35. I think it is very clever and the perfect answer for those people that don’t give ideas about what they would like

    I can easily think of several people that I’ll make it for

  36. I Strongly dislike this project

  37. So funny I WILL do this thanks for the great idea!!

  38. 🙂

  39. very, very funny! Wow!!!!!!!

  40. my mom loved it! she now uses it as a change jar.

  41. I love this! Now I have the perfect gift for my Mother-In-Law!!!!!!!!

  42. this is so beast. it just solved my problem

  43. my mommy will like it

  44. This is too cool! 🙂 Now I know what to give my friend for his birthday, ‘cos he always says he doesn’t want anything! 🙂 Thankyou for posting his awesome idea! 🙂


  45. CUTENESS!!! 😀 It’ll work great for my dad;p

  46. Crafty7777777 says

    Wow….what a great IDEA! I know that when you say, “what do you want for ____” and the person says “nothing” I know that I either end up getting them something anyways or I don’t and then feel guilty because I didn’t. This is a really good idea, and I’m thinking about trying it soon ^_^

  47. it was my boyfriends birthday and he said he didnt want anything so i was looking up something on this site to give him and when i found this it was perfect thanks for the laughs.

  48. Usually, the people who say nothing are the sweetest ones of all. I think this is cute, but I would also add another jar later of some cash. Now that is really something everyone can use today!

  49. I think this is cute. Thanks for the idea!

  50. this is cute but it seems kind of, well…. mean. My family would have kind of hurt feelings if i gave them this i would rather recieve a real gift. though, you could always package it up with another gift

  51. great idea

  52. i love this idea
    wait until i give to my mom and dad

  53. I just made this tonight for my dad. It didn’t turn out to look like the example, but it’s pretty awesome! It just took a long time to get the words to be on the page so it could fit into the sticker maker. Overall, it’s really funny.
    Signed- Yo’ Mama

  54. I’m going to give this to my Aunt for Christmas because i really don’t know what to make her. I HOE SHE LIKES IT!!! WISH ME LUCK!! 🙂

  55. awesome,
    and really funny!

  56. thats pretty ummm…… whats the word…. AMAZINGLY FANTABUOSLY FASINATING, oh gheeze, now i know whatt to gfet my best friend for christmas 😀

  57. ahahahaaa, this idea is soo orignal and funny! i love it! i’m thinking of making my parents one for christmas cause they ALWAYS say nothing and for my firends soo this will be the PERFECT present!

    thankyou for the idea!

  58. Very pointless…but has a good point, too!

    LOL good trick! Thanks so much for the idea. 🙂

  59. I’m doing a box vershion! then i’m giveing one to all my friends since idk what to give them!

  60. this is very funny. i gave it to my brother for his birthday, and he was very amused. thanks a lot!

  61. I love this idea! I will probably give it to everyone that says they want nothing for christmas. Ha ha LOL I LOVE IT!

  62. this is so cute. a lot of people say they don’t want anything for christmas. ha ha

  63. This is so funny!! I’m going to give it to my dad for Christmas, maybe I should tape a 50 dollar bill on the inside of the cap, I mean this is sad!! But so hilarious at the same time!

  64. you should say here you go your favorite a jar of nothing……. ok fine there is air and germs ok happy

  65. HAHAHA. This is too hilarious! I’m making some as a practical joke for all the people who say they want nothing this Christmas. Lol.

  66. Hilarious! Nothing for Chirstmas is playing on my radio as I am looking at this one! Love it! So making this for my dad, along with a scarf that I already made him, before he said he wanted nothing this year (knowing my funds are extremely tight!) Gotta love daddies!

  67. Ahhh my friends are going to love this :D.

  68. I love it

  69. SOoooo cool I now know what to give my brother…. He’ll get sooo angry (hehehe)
    Laura 🙂

  70. This is AWESOME!

  71. This is awesome I know what my daughter is getting for Christmas now.

  72. weirddd

  73. Just right for the church fete

  74. I Luv this!

    Ima give it to my sister.. n my brother… n my dad… an… who else? You want one?

    Not sure who will laugh hardest… ME! 😀

    This rawks! Thanks for the creative one who made this up… and shared!

    May Your God Bless you in abundance.

    Thanks again! whoo hoo 🙂 I am so excited to try this!

  75. Cool my mum will love it because its soooooo RANDOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kinda cute 2

  77. This is too cute!!!

  78. haha!!

  79. LOL, this is too cute ! ;D

  80. AliRox425 says

    wow that is soooooo smart so many of my friends have told me that they want nothing when i ask them!! i can’t wait to try it out!!!

  81. that iz too cute

  82. that is totally hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so gonna give that to my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes gonna hate me but it is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. I think this is a great idea! It’s something but it’s nothing!! LOL Who thinks these things up??? Love it!

  84. i love this idea!

  85. OMG!! I gave this to my neighbor for her b-day… and she FLIPPED out!! it was too funny!! 😀

  86. This is cool!

  87. funny

  88. what else can you leave emplty? i.e a chocolate/candy bar

  89. heh heh

  90. haha that is hilarious!! my mom would love that for her bday!

  91. You people below me are such geeks. -.- hah ur so into this it’s hilarious.

  92. Awesome! Its quick and easy so you can do it when you forget to get a birthdaypresent.

  93. u should make a print out for the label!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. cool but ithink its kinda dumb

  95. OMG my teacher laughed so hard that, well, i never gave any thing to her! bla bla bla to all you peeps!! PEACE OUT YO!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LUV EVAN!!!

  96. lol sadly none of my friends say nothing they say ” i dunno”

  97. this is the best gift i could ever give someone

  98. OMG!! thats a hilarious idea , i would laugh so hard if i recieved it 🙂

  99. I love it! I would laugh so hard if I received it.
    And, if you use a nice-sized/shaped jar, it really is not a bad gift for a crafter – we can all use funky clear organizers. Personally I would print the poem much smaller – or just put the word “Nothing” on the jar, and the poem inside, so they can easily re-use the jar to store prized clutter.

  100. I wouldn’t want this for my birthday, regardless of whether I said I wanted nothing. I think I would much rather get literally nothing.

  101. I made this for my dad on Father’s Day and gave it to him. He was dumbfounded, I later went over to my room and gave him an iPod! He never says nothing anymore!

  102. Do this one for my boyfriend. He always says nothing when asked what he wants for birthday, christmas or fathers day!

  103. This is not the greatest

  104. It is great said everyone!

  105. It sounds great and really creative. I was going through everything I could make and then I saw this.

  106. cool! I will give this to my best friend on her birthday!!!

  107. Oh, if we ONLY had this project for my daughters boyfriend this Christmas!!!

  108. Awesome idea, I definitely would do this sometime. It is a funny joke and thank you. 😀

  109. Funny I think my mom should give this to my dad as a joke on his birthday

  110. Brilliant idea! I will be making this for my mum, she always says nothing every year. This would be beter if you had included the image that you used on your jars.

  111. hahahaha this is so funny. i would give this to my bro as a fakeout gift then give him his real gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. omg that is soooo cool i should give 1 to my mom, grandma, aunt, and science teacher. this is the best gift ever! i love obnoxious stuff like this! thanx!

  113. Great idea. Haha!

  114. This is so creative!!! It is always so hard to come up with ideas for those who can’t come up with them themselves.

  115. ive been looking for a present for my brother cause he wont let me make him anything. this is a perfect gift for him

  116. omg thats hilarious i love it

  117. Dad was working late so just starting this for him before he gets home. Almost done!!!!

  118. My dad tells me that he always wants nothing for xmas so this is prefect..

  119. OMG! this is perfect! I am so getting this for my parents! 😀

  120. Hahaha!! soo funny a perfect gift to do in a rush!

  121. This is so funny! Everyone i ask what they want they say nothing! They will finally get what they want!lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. lol =)

  123. i love this!!! haha now i know what to do when my friends say they want nothing (:

  124. wow thats funny!! 😉

  125. lol

  126. kymarmstrong says

    i think this is too cute!

  127. just made one. gotta love them!

  128. gotta love it! 😀

  129. i couldnt decide to make my 16 year old brother cause he keeps saying nothing when i ask. thanks for the idea! (lol)

  130. When me nd my friends came up with the idea of a store to raise money for charity we thought the crafts we worked hard for were going to sell the most. We were wrong. This simple craft had people shredding tears of laughter when they saw it and buying the jar in a millisecond.

  131. so cool!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. so funny! my mom always says nothing when i ask what to give her, so this is perfect!!!!!!!!! (lol)

  133. I absolutely love this project! It’s hard to get my dad something for Christmas,but this is cool and easy.

  134. lol wow

  135. haha!!! this is soooo funny….my dad was sooooo mad and laughing soooo hard when i gave this to him

  136. so cute! 🙂 making this for my mom for Christmas, but I put “Did you say nothing? When I asked you what you wanted for Christmas? Don’t you remember saying “NOTHING”? Well, I heard you, so this year I got you EXACTLY WHAT YOU ASKED FOR!” lol

  137. haha rediculous!

  138. nice, i will use that idea

  139. lol they’ll get what they said they wanted, right??

  140. Lil' Miss Craftyness says

    hahaha! 2 cute! love it.

  141. He’ll get what he wished for this Christmas!

  142. I think this project is just the cat’s whiskers. I know what I’m making for Xmas gifts this year.

  143. lol good one!!!!!

  144. mellyrose89 says

    I’ve made a few of these – they’re so easy to make!

  145. ItsSewJudy says

    Its funny and I know a few people who are going to get this.

  146. That is really funny and I may use it some day.

  147. I love it!

    as long as I get another present…

  148. This is too cute. I know a few people this would be great for. Thanks for the inspiration.

  149. This is great for my History Teacher 😛

  150. Love It!

  151. i gave this to my brother and he totally freaked out but i got him something else to

  152. MySugarGliders says

    haha funny 😀 when my friend wanted nothing i gave her a box with a bow on top… She was SO mad! LOL

  153. My dads b-day is soon, and he ALWAYS says nothing….we always get him something, which is what he dosent want. well, now he gets what he wants!

  154. Ha! I gave this to my best friend and she thought it was so funny.

  155. I made these for my Mom’s Craft Show and they were a HUGE hit!!! Everyone LOVED them!!! Who doesn’t know someone who says they want NOTHING. PERFECT!!! I’ll be making more for this years show for sure!!!!

  156. Really great gift I enjoyed it lots


  158. Great gag gift. Yes a back up gift would be suitable though!

  159. lol, at least they get something!!!

  160. lol hillarious
    prank my dad and i had a good laugh


  162. It’s a bit weird, but its okay if you give that and another present so they won’t feel bad.

  163. LOL times a million!!!


  164. This is so clever i lov it

  165. This is very cool and silly. It just seems like a great prank too.

  166. thats so funny and clever!

  167. wow, this is retared and cheesy. what idoit came up with this!

  168. hahahahahaha!

  169. So creative and quirky!

  170. Perfect gift for those people who say there isn’t anything that they want for a gift.

  171. You really need to know if this is going to be well received or not…I think it’s hilarious, but I can see how you’d want a “back-up” gift just in case!!


  173. THIS IS THE BEST EVER! lol I think I’ll make one for my sis!!!!

  174. Cheap funny and memorable!

  175. Jodyb my grandsons always ask for money. Maybe I will put a penny in the jar. They will love it.

  176. this is too funny,
    i am one of those people that always says nothing and this would totally get me rotflmao , and i would keep it too, maybe start a collection of nothing…


  177. my friend would crack up after i give her this!!

  178. Loved it! Great idea! Wondering why it would be offensive? Dont they enjoy humor?

  179. The perfect gift for anyone!

  180. Not my style

  181. That’s just awesome possums XD

  182. Knitchic says

    I would totally make this project, bcuz my family’s always saying,”nothing” when I ask what they want for their birthday, or some other holiday, so I think that this is PERFECT-O!

  183. THIS IS SO CUTE!!!

  184. What a great idea, I’m making some for our soon to open Treasures & Trinkets Shop

  185. Simple, funny, and a pinch of stupid!! I love the idea!!

  186. it is so funny i almost peed my self

  187. haha hilarious

  188. baba112087 says

    Ha Ha Ha!!! That’s so funny. Next time someone says they don’t want anything, I’m making this…but then maybe a real gift later lol kinda get them going lol

  189. hahaha funny

  190. lol! hilarious im gonna give this to my teacher!

  191. brilliant cant wait to give this nothing.

  192. wow the perfect gift thats what everybody says..nothing

  193. easy but adorable

  194. thats hillarious!

    great idea!

  195. i am 13 and i made this gift for my oldest sister. i decorated it and made it all fancy. she loved it. thnx for the idea!

  196. im goin 2 give this to my brother first then be all ok hears the real gift. LOL

  197. I think it is a good idea, but except I would give them there real present later so they don’t feel upset.

  198. bbms market day

  199. The more elaborate the decoration, the funnier it would be. Obviously you need to know your recipient’s sense of humor and only give it in appropriate cases, but I think it would be a HUGE seller at holiday bazaars, charity gift shops, etc.

  200. I thought this was very funny. Could use plastic crystle lite tubes also.

  201. that is awesome its perfect for anybody (except a person with no humor) I think i might use it!

  202. This is awesome. I don’t think this is really that mean, because when I say ‘nothing’, I usually mean it, so this is funny. Also, you can ALWAYS do what some people said they’d do and give them the real present later. Don’t be a party pooper, yall.

  203. great gift idea

  204. hm…i don’t know. it may seem funny to give but think about how THEY feel about it. I wouldn’t like to recieve a gift like this…at all. i would feel very disrespected.

  205. I thought that it was hilarious and I loved the face my dad made when I gave it to him.

  206. My mom always says she wants nothin 4 christmas… the perfect gift!lol hope she likes it!!!

  207. I think it was kinda funny.

  208. i thing its a great gag girt thanks for the help

  209. i saw this on google and loved it! i am going to do this with a plastic tube for my sister and i will give it to her for christmas and everyone will laugh! Of course, I will hide another little gift somewhere for her too..

  210. i love it! made this for my mom who ALWAYS says this…

  211. very cute it is like to round toit like hubby always says as soon as I get a round toit

  212. ha ha I love it!

  213. cool

  214. To cruel for me!

  215. Way cool 🙂


  217. Its cute.

  218. lol thats hilliorous! great idea….. mabey i should stop sayaing nothing….

  219. that is real

  220. haha~!

  221. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    It is creative, and If I don’t add it to Craftbits.com then where would you find something as fun and humorous as this? We are a resource site for all things crafty and creative

  222. It is a little bit weird. But why did you put it under crafts? Its really not a craft its too easy.

  223. its okay.
    but kinda weird though. =)

  224. thats funny!!! 🙂

  225. That is soooooooooo cute and it is perfect for all holidays

  226. that is crazy!!!
    Wow. I love it. I know what every one is getting from me this xmas!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  227. it is sort of weird

  228. Genius


  230. Very good idea im going to give t his to my mum then give her the real present at the end of the night.

  231. That is hilarious!

  232. Great idea!

  233. FUNNY 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. nice gift idea

  235. so true, my husband always says “nothing” i will use this as a gag, for his birthdaym then at the end of the evening i will give him his actual b-day gift..ha ha ha

  236. carrotscrafts says

    great just what my mother asked for nothing!

  237. but if they put something in it will no longer be nothing- could hold money.

  238. This is SO creative and totally awesome for a nice birthday prank!!i hope someone plays this prank on me on my birthday next time! 😀

  239. hey i like this website

  240. Loved it

  241. clever

  242. Love this idea, seems like a lot of people here haven’t got the right sense of humor to appreciate this gift. To each their own, I know tons of people who would find this hilarious. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  243. this made me lol i might have to give this i dea to my dad for christmas! thanks!

  244. great fun

  245. Stupid idea, seems snotty to me

  246. Did this & when anyone asked them what they got for Christmas, when they said,”nothing” it was even funnier! This is just a gag gift, I got them something else too.

  247. It’s seriously cute! Now i know what to get my mum for christmas!

  248. Tis is a very CUTE idea. i plan 2 use it.

  249. LOFL wen i saw this product i lofl’d and rofl’d and lol’d so hard

  250. lol so doing this

  251. I think this is excellent!!!

  252. Cute Idea and Simple to Make! I can’t justify a higher rating, though…

  253. seems like a ‘mean-spirited’ kind of gift ??

  254. I love this idea, cuz my friends keep saying they want nothing from me. Soo good!!!

  255. funny

  256. my grandma b-day is commin up and she KEEPS ON SAYING SHE DOESNT WANT ANITHING, she she shall get a jar of nothing

  257. …it’s…a…jar…of…nothing…

  258. This is a wonderful idea. Very creative!

  259. i love this because my mom always says she wants nothing

  260. i love it gonna make it!!! when you said the JAR of nothing then you can have abox of nothing!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOL!

  261. i love it gonna make it!!!

  262. amazing idea! My friend is getting one tomorrow!

  263. this gift will make everyone think twice about getting nothing for his/her birthday. creative!

  264. this is the most awesome gift EVER!

  265. craftykid101 says

    this is perfect my mom alwys say nothing, nothing, nothing, if I give this to she is going to laugh, laugh, laugh!

  266. That is hilarious and so true!


  268. s3xiigurrl says

    that is FUNNY uz roK!!!

  269. weird.

  270. that was quite nice…

  271. but guys if they ask for nothing, they dont want anything so, thats what they get! its a joke but dont get it for somone who doesnt have a sence of humor. i personally think it would be funny!!

  272. this would be a very good present to pay your revenge on someone!

  273. ok so your giving somebody you love a jar of nothing?? 0_o that’s just weird

  274. FUNKY!!

  275. I think that is so cool

  276. How rude to call someone a LOSER if they don’t like an idea that you find amusing! We are all entitled to our point of view without being berated for it!! I give this 1 star as I dislike the idea – doesn’t make me a LOSER though!

  277. kobisgal says

    nice! this would make a good joke!

  278. I absolutely loved this jar of nothing,my husband passed away in 2003 and he would never once admit he wanted a gift,he always said,’nothing”
    i wish id seen this then.
    I Rate it 11 from 1-10.

  279. my friends birthdays comming up and i think that ill give her this but under the lid i stick money there so she only thinks i got her only a jar

  280. Very clever!

  281. i don’t think that can count as recycling all you arae doing is giving someone else an empty jar which they need to recycle themselves… i would never want this for my birthday… i would be so upset

  282. hahahahahaha very funny but i am going to look for some thing to go along with it i will give this one frist as a joke and then give them ther real gift!!! ………heheheheheheheheHA

  283. I made this as a gift for my dad – and he loved it! Thank you so much for the idea!!

  284. my freind said she wanted nothing today..im making one of these

  285. This is a great idea, I know lots of people that would find this funny !!!

  286. Too funny, and way too true! I will use this one over and over again!

  287. Very Clever! Who doesn’t like a prank every now & then? I thinl the saying is hilarious! :0)

  288. good gifts for naughty children

  289. so fun it will make my friend laugh so hard:)

  290. so fun it will make my friend laugh so hard:)

  291. It was so funny
    ! I tried it on my daughter and she lost it.

  292. Funny!

  293. this is so cute. i’m giving this to a lot of people!

  294. Perfect for my Dad. He always says nothing when asked what he wants.

  295. i like it, but i also don’t like it at the same time.

  296. It is a very funny idea… and to the people that rated it a 1-3… it is more of a gag gift… my god people. And it does not mean that you can’t get them something else, too, geez! Just give them this one first 🙂

  297. i love it! im gonna give it 2 my grandmother!!! lolz!

  298. my grandma never tells me what she wants.guess what she’s getting this year……NOTHING

  299. this is too cute. I’m always saying I don’t want “nothig” so this takes care of that “gift”

  300. it’s the best!

  301. thats hilarious ill give it to my best friend!!!

  302. i always used to say i want nothing

  303. Instead, how about saying, “This jar may look empty, but it’s filled with love! XOXO”

  304. um… it’s funny but… serously

  305. I love it!lol! i wish i could think of someone to give it too…

  306. VERY NICE LOVE IT!!!!

  307. I love this gift idea, and it is so easy. Thank you!

  308. I love it..every year my mother in law says she wants nothing.. This year she will get her wish..

  309. There’s enough sarcasm in this world. I’m not sure why a person would take this time to create a tangible insult.

  310. but i get something……….. the jar and the label ……………

  311. This is hilarious! I need to get this for my niece.

  312. aha, wow that’s soo neat, aha, im giving that to my sister for christmas!


  313. That’s an awesome gift! I’m giving one to my friend for Christmas.

  314. I am going to re-invent this and name it ‘i dont know’

    Whenever anyone asks my brother what he wants for a present he just says “” i duno”

    xD i love this idea though, it’s prefect!

  315. GREAT IDEA!!! MY husband will get exactly what he asked for!!

  316. I would not give this to anyone, nor would I likr to receive it.
    I don’t find the humor in this nothing gift.

  317. kinda mean tho

  318. Haha, I think this is a great idea! Every year I have a Christmas Crafts with Kennadi. This will be fun:] Whoever thought this up… is a genuis. Love it!!!!!!!!

  319. funny my sister said she didnt want any thing so i think this is what she is getting

  320. I love it. I’m going to this for my grandmother. Although instead of making it a gag gift I’m going to etch a jar for her and the next gift she unwraps is going to be her fav. candy which she can store in the jar. She’s going to love it. Thanks!

  321. Very funny gift! Now I know what to get for those difficult people in the family LOL

  322. Hah brillant for my dad

  323. Lol, that is true!! I always ask my parents what they want, and they say, “Oh nothing.”
    Really cool idea!!

  324. that’s a great idea because i don’t know how many times i have heard nothing

  325. THis is a good gift. I would never think of making this, but the saying is true and i think that I will make it for my mother in law!! hahaha

  326. funny funny

  327. They will definately get it this year.lol. This is the greatest idea yet. Thanks

  328. v funny and cheap to do we do fund raising at work mite try and do a few for that lol

  329. try an empty candy box for your dieters complete with lingering smell of chocolate

  330. there has been times when i didn’t know what to use for a fundraiser but i am going to try this seems like a good gift for those that has everything

  331. wow i will make one of these for my dad at xmas i think it’s a great cheeky presie

  332. I think it would really hurt someone’s feelings. Where’s the charity? Where’s the love. How rude.

  333. ha ha very cute

  334. My dad ALWAYS wants nothing! So now he’ll get it!!!!

  335. OMG! That is so funny!!

  336. Hahaha! I’m gonna make that for my mom!

  337. i love this idea it is perfect for everyone in my family.

  338. Yeah, I hear that a lot, can’t wait to see the reaction on the persons face that I give this to. It’s will be hysterical! Thanks for the idea, I really love it!! I can’t wait to use it and see what the person says when they unwrap their gift from me!!!!!!

  339. i think its soooo funny rubish to those that voted 1 or 2 no sense of humor what so ever

  340. Wow, kind a dumb, I mean who would want a “jar of nothing?” Pitiful. But a bit clever.

  341. MY MOM WILL GET A KICK OUT OF THIS!!! This is so funny, at first I didn’t get it though. IT’S AWESOME. ITS OFF THE HOOK! ITS- I got nothing. 🙂

  342. prettybeachgal says

    this sounds like a great idea but i think im gonna put a differnt saying

  343. Too funny. I am definitely going to use this one. Its perfect!

  344. This is a really funny gift! I am giving one to my Grandma for Christmas!

  345. wow cool idea!!

  346. This is great! I suggest only listing one ocassion, instead of them all.

  347. luv it! would the reciever? oh well. another gift will follow.

  348. I made this for my teacher’s birthday, she thought it was hilarious!!!

  349. I think this is the perfect gift for anyone

  350. Last year my sister gave me a little plastic bag with miniture mashmellos that were colored red and green and labeled Raindeer poop,with a nice ribbon on it Revenge is mine for the girl who always wants nothing.Thanks Christmas is ging to be fun!!

  351. I loved the idea and am going to try selling them for sports fundraiser

  352. i have a friend i can give it to and she’ll get a crack out of that one!

  353. luv the idea

  354. Hate it

  355. this is the most awesome thing ever.

  356. I couldn’t stop laughing!!! I for one will never say nothing again!!! What a great idea!!

  357. ok!!!!!!!

  358. to the five LOSERS who rated this a 1.. im sorry but you have NO TASTE whatsoever.. this idea is SOOO ingenious and awesome.. iloveeit

  359. kristaozbolt says

    I love this idea!

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  365. I love it. I have a Brother in law who expects us to be mind readers when it comes to special occassions. so this will go down a treat at christmas around the family.
    Thanks for the cheap wonderful idea. Cathy

  366. i wish i had of found this site earlier because my cousin who just turned 17 would of got this “jar of nothing”for her bday when i asked her what she wanted she said nothing!!!!

  367. wolfdance says

    gosh, thats really cool…whats a white elephant anyway like chillie boy said?

  368. GreenMonkey11 says

    honestly every1 wants something they just say ‘nothing’ to be polite…if i gave this to sum1 and i never gave them ne-thing else theyd be pretty bumed

  369. idealistic, seems making a gift, one of its great value is the thought, no matter how empty it is but important is what inside the heart of giving it. allow me to use it to my business idea.

  370. It is awsome for people who want you to guess what they want. Even tough I wouldn’t want it.

  371. like the whole idea of it. Use a big pickle jar for added silliness.

  372. very very very very very funny!!

  373. I can;t wait for someone to say “Nothing” so I can make this and give it to them!! lol! AWESOME IDEA!

  374. This is so cute. What a great idea. And so simple

  375. its true theu always say nothing

  376. that’s so lame. Awful.

  377. hey chinchilla_chilieboy here agian,but this would also make a GREAT white elephant gift for parties and stuff!! love josie

  378. omg wwo I think this wll totally make people answer your questions instead of saying nothing to shut you up!

  379. i think its very good idea

  380. lol, thats good

  381. its funny but i hope you give this to them first and then get them something real if i woke up and got this on christmas morning and that was all i would be so bummed! lol

  382. stupid

  383. i love it it is great

  384. I love this idea especially since my (adult) son and I had agreed to give each other NOTHING for Christmas this Year. Ha Ha–he’s getting this Jar of Nothing gift from me whether he likes it or not!

  385. oh my goodness how perfect this is, My husband ALWAYS says nothing and I never know what to do for him, so this is what he is getting this year 🙂 maybe he wont say NOTHING ever again…LOL

  386. funny! i just dont know anyone who doesnt want anything for christmas!

  387. lol i love it i have many work mates this would suit hahah

  388. my mom loved it!..thanks for the great idea….

  389. this is really funny! very clever indeed!! so lets see… zoey, sarah, kelly, adam, mat………

  390. haha love it

  391. Have some humor, peeps! I think it’s a great gag gift!

  392. haha! this is good, humorous, a very good gift, im defanately going to give this to my dad

  393. It’s very cute because people are always saying nothing when I ask them what they want for Christmas. But, the poem is sort of weird. When I give this to whoever I’m going to give it to I’m going to change the poem.

  394. odd

  395. I think this is brilliant

  396. I like it.very funny.I will use it as a joke present.

  397. That is the perfect gift for my sister, when asked what she wanted ‘nothing’ was her reply. Now thats what she can have! Brilliant 🙂


  399. LOL!!! that is so funny! very creative. wow a lot of people responded to this. anyway this is great!

  400. its a nice craft..

  401. Perfect for my daddy, who always says he wants nothing for christmas. Well this year Thats Just What HE’s Getting! 🙂

  402. OMG LIKE TOTALLY AWESUMNESS i found a use for the jars you get when you buy a starbux latte from the store. that is so flippin sweet! ;D

  403. Just wish they had included a printer ready label. But I love it enough to work it out myself!

  404. great idea, someone in your family always says that!!

  405. ahah!!! gud one

  406. that is hilarious. I think i’m going to do this for my group’s gift exchange. 😀

  407. The perfect present for my in-laws…

  408. great idea!
    i just need to make one for my friends that DON’T KNOW what they want


  410. cool…thats funny

  411. Perfect!

  412. this is so perfect for mt dad i ask him what he wants and he always says nothing

  413. Awesome this is for my dad he always says he wants noting and wants us to spend no money on him and says he has everything….. Very kool idea!

  414. lol i gave it to my grandpa
    he loved it

  415. This is too funny.What a great gag gift!

  416. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    cute,and when i make it,to add insult to injury(lol)im gonna wrap it with about 30 layers of wrapping paper…i did something like this,but i wrapped a box filled with school papers like 10 times,and gave it as a gift to my bff for her birthday…:)josie

  417. it is the best in the world you have some great ideas.

  418. finally something for the preson who is hard to buy for.

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  420. HEy, now I have a profitable way to recycle the baby food jars : )

  421. How inventive, utterly smarty pants, and utterly funny!!

  422. love this idea, mom’s always got a gag for someone, this Christmas it’s my turn and she and dad are getting it.

  423. love it and im going to make them for everyone

  424. this is such a great idea. i know the perfect person to give it to.

  425. Am new to this site, saw this and thought perfect. I just love it. lol.would probably get a few myself, if someone had of seen it. Plan on using it at Xmas. Again Love it

  426. I’m laughing at this and I didn’t even get a jar! How funny…

  427. good

  428. my dad is going to get a kick out of this!!

  429. Top karks 5 stars

  430. This is Wonderfully funny and cool This is my offical gift to anyone who says nothing

  431. my bff was having a birthday party when i asked her what she wanted she said nothing. so i gave her the jar of nothing. she craked up and now it ontop of her tv for the next time i say nothing. now i tell her something.LOL

  432. this is a good idea for someone who has everything

  433. Too cute!! I just may use this one! My kids and other family members constantly tell me they want “nothing” for holidays and birthdays…perfect gag gift!

  434. awesome idea! very original! i really love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  435. this is so great! so many times i’ve people say “nothing” when i’ve asked them what they wanted as a gift. this is hilarious i will definatly do it!

  436. ha!

  437. AWESOME IDEA!!! I did it to my mom and she just laughed and smiled all day long.

  438. it makes sense and is so cute!!!

  439. Very cute idea!

  440. This is really a great gift. I know I’m always asking what someone would like and they usually say nothing!!!

  441. Wonderfull. Love the idea.

  442. Brattiness73 says

    I have the perfect person for this one. Every year she drives me nuts searching for “nothing” she really wants, or needs LOL


  444. I Love It!!

  445. OH MY GOSH! This is really funny

  446. wow

  447. lisette1980s says

    I love gag gifts. Nothing is always what my family wants.

  448. This is great! My grandmother never wants anything. This Christmas that is what she is going to get. lol

  449. Just what I needed for my husband.

  450. this is great!!!

  451. you get what you ask for!

  452. What a good idea!
    You always get someone saying ”Nothing”

  453. i think it is so funny

  454. how wonderful. You always have those relatives!

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