1 Hour Christmas Tote

1 Hour Christmas Tote

This sewing project shows you how to sew a Christmas shopping tote. Perfect for those shopping sprees during the holidays or for a festive gift idea. And it is quick too!

What you need

See Diagrams for Fabric requirements
Sewing Machine
Christmas bell or embellishments


Using your diagrams below cut out your pieces. The panel pattern below should be printed to fit an A4 sized paper to create this 16 x 12″ Christmas tote.

Quick Christmas Tote Pattern

Tote Pattern Panels 1

Tote Pattern Panels 2

I used different Christmas prints, but you could alternate with plain fabrics.

Allow 1/4 ” on all pieces for seams.

Stitch the two ends of the band together to form a circle and set to one side.

With the wrong side facing stitch your straps length wise and then turn them right side out.

Press with seam on the back and set to one side.

The main bag piece

Stitch all the 8 panels together and then stitch the first and last panel together to form a circle. The wide end is the top.

Lay the piece as flat as possible, decide which will be the front and back, and round off the bottom.

Next sew the bottom closed.

You have two pieces of lining. If you wish to put an inside pocket in your lining, this should be done now.

Cut a piece 6″ x 6″ and sew a hem at one end, then pin into place folding the edge under as you go. Now stitch on to your lining.

Stitch both pieces together – remember the pocket will be facing inwards.

Run a gather stitch around the top of your lining piece and draw up until it fits around the band and pin into place with the band seam at the back. Sew with right side facing inwards.

Now do the same to the out side section of your bag and fit it to the opposite end of the band right side facing inwards, again with the band seam at the back.

Carefully pull the outside of your bag through the opening in the bottom of the lining. You should now have the right side of all your pieces facing you stitch up the opening of your lining.

Push the lining inside the main bag. Your band should sit nicely folded in half.

Press the band at this stage ready for your straps.

Stitch the straps on the outside around 3″ in at both sides and fold the raw ends under then sew in place.

One strap is on one side, the other is on the other side.

Just to add a little jingle I sewed in two bells on a piece of ribbon into the band seam.

Once finished, you can snip a couple of stitches on the band, tuck the ribbon under and sew closed.

That’s it done!

Christmas tote finished


  1. Janflower says

    Beautiful, but looks too tricky if you haven’t got a sewing machine!

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