Undies Wallet

An all time favorite, this project shows you how to convert a pair of undies into a wallet.

Undies Wallet

What you need

1 pair size 4 little boy briefs
1 pkg bias binding. (I used 1/4 inch. I recommend using 1/2 inch or something wider than 1/4 inch because 1/4 inch does not look very awesome.)
1/4 yard 45'' coordinating cotton/cotton blend print


1. Begin by using a seam ripper to remove the waistband. Be careful around the tag.

2. Rip the seams around the legs as well. Mine were serged around the crotch seam… Don’t worry about that. I left them dangling.

3. Time to cut out the pieces. I used 4.5 inch x 8 inch rectangles. Cut one out of the front of the undies and one from the back. Also cut 3 out of fusible craft-weight interfacing (heavy weight washable) and..

4. Out of a coordinating cotton or cotton blend solid (or print if you wanna get crazy with it, you wild thing you).

5. Customize two of the blue rectangle (one interfaced, one plain) with pockets, and ID holder, credit card pockets, whatever. The interfaced one will be the front half of the money pocket. The non-interfaced one will be on the other side of the top flap. I recommend doing a big old change pocket on the non-interfaced, and an ID holder, credit card slots, etc. on the interfaced one.

6. Prepare to be confused: Sew the all the inside pieces together and all the outside pieces together. Hopefully you can see in the picture that the inside pieces are: plain solid, plain solid, upside-down uninterfaced customized piece. The outside pieces go front of undies right side up, back of undies right side up, upside-down interfaced customized piece.

7. Now turn that left column from the picture above upside down (don’t flip it over, just turn it twice) and zigzag or serge around all the edges, attaching the insides to the outsides, RIGHT SIDES OUT. That means front of undies right side up attaches to uninterfaced customized piece right side up. If you do that right, the back of the undies piece will be sewn to a plain piece, and the upside down customized interfaced piece will be sewn to a plain piece. This is easier than it sounds. I just had the left piece upside down in the above picture.

8. Bias bind that bad boy all around the edges.

9. Fold the “front of money pocket” (see cheap little paint illustration at top) up to the “back of money pocket” and whip stitch both sides to make the main money pocket.

This project was contributed by Reagan Copeland She is a high school junior hailing from exotic Pennsylvania. While she adores sewing, knitting, and doodling like a fiend, her first love is the theatre. Shine on!

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  1. im kinda confused. i have it laying in front of me, and if some one could reply 2 this it would b helpful. this is for my 8 year old brother (who loves talking bathroom talk) and his birthday is soon. now…. what exactly do you do with the “penis” hole????

  2. very creative definitely agree this girls got potential

  3. This is great!!! I just found this website and already loooove it!!!

  4. LOL

  5. You could make this out of silky ladies’ underwear to match the bra evening purse! :D Seriously people y’all are just jerks that are talking about being perverted and stuff, cause nobody ever said you had to make one! Keep your mind open you naysayers.

    To Reagan Copeland:
    This was a really creative project no matter what people say, even if it’s not my style! <3

  6. LOL! So cute! I have two little boys and I know they’d LOVE this! Def. not ‘disturbing’ and ‘gross’. Seriously…for little boys, potty humor ROCKS!

  7. The people who think this is gross have no imagination…..this is truly a very creative idea and would be perfect for younger children….it will make them feel like a big kid………

  8. uh….. funny but really weird

  9. This is a very cute project. I suspect the instructions make a lot more sense once I have the pieces in front of me. I am a little unclear about a few steps, but will happily give this a try.

    I am not grossed out by this, nor do I think it is inappropriate. It is trendy in a good way and “underoos” are iconic. This wallet is a tribute to the novelty of fun to wear underwear, not some perverted thing.

    I acknowledge this is not for everyone, but it is perfect for others. Embrace diversity folks. It is meant as a light-hearted, humorous accessory. Reagan has done a fantastic job at creating a great-looking AND useful piece of pop-culture.

  10. Tell me people- where do you see anything on this page saying use your four year olds underwear? because i dont see it! your jumping to disgusting conclusions and thats nobodys fault but your own. i think that this is an amazing idea.

  11. i think is a pretty cute idea.. i will say i was kinda weirded out at first.. but i think my 5 almost 6 yr old son would LOVE to have one of these… he gets a wallet like a big kid… but its fun and cheap to make so if he loses it.. no biggie!Adorable

  12. there are so many character wallets from china. why would i destroy such? this could still be worn by others…

  13. Great Idea, boys will love it! Gonna make one for my grandson! Good way to repurpose favorite clothing but grown out of! Will be envied by buddies!

  14. Wierd

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