Knitted Halloween Witch

This knitted Halloween pattern shows you how to make a knitted witch, perfect for gift giving or table decorations.

Knitted Halloween Witch

What you need

Double worsted weight yarn (8 ply)
Size 6 (4mm) needles


Witch Body

Using purple Cast on 20sts

K2 Row sc
K Twice into every st to the end (40sts)

Continue in Garter st but knit 2 together at the beginning of the following rows until 20 stitches remain

Knit 2 rows next row knit 2 together to the end. (10 sts)

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and set aside (this completes the body).


Sew the two side seams together, now place a round piece of cardstock in the base. Slightly larger than the opening.

This will then sit on the bottom with about 1/4 inch of knitting going under the base. Fill with stuffing until it stands firmly upright. Put to one side (do not draw the top up at this stage).


Using flesh color Cast on 20sts

K into the back of every st.

(K1 inc K wise into every st) to the end (30sts)
P1 Row
K1 Row
P1 Row
(K1 inc K wise into next st) to the end (45sts)
st st 16 Rows
(K2 tog K1) to the end (30sts)
P1 Row
K1 Row
P1 Row
(K2 tog K1) to the end (20sts)
P1 Row
(K2 tog) to th end (10sts)
Thread yarn though sts, draw up and fasten off.

Sew side seams together. Fill with stuffing through the opening at the bottom. When firm, draw up and fasten off.


Cast on 10sts
st-st 8 Rows
K2 tog 5 times

Thread yarn through remaining sts, draw up and fasten off.

Using black cast on 64sts
st-st 10 Rows
(K14, K2 tog) to the end  (60sts)
P1 Row
(K13, k2 tog) to the end (56sts)
Continue in this decreasing sequence and P every second row until 4sts remain.
K2 tog twice and fasten off.

Hat Brim
Cast on 60sts
K1 Row
K2, inc K wise into next st to the end. (80sts)
st-st 9 Rows
Next row join on another strand of yarn and K 1 Row.
Beginning with a P Row st-st 9 Rows.
(k2,k2 tog) to the end. (60sts)
P1 Row
Cast Off.

Stitch side seams together. Sew cast on and cast off edges together.
Slip the brim over the hat and sew into place.

Witches Coat

Using black cast on 52 sts
st-st 12 Rows
(K12,k2 tog) to the last 9 sts, K9
st-st 3 Rows
(K11,K2 tog) to the last 9 sts, K9
st-st 3 Rows
Continue in this sequence until (k7 ,k2 tog) to the end.
st-st 3 Rows
(K7,K2 tog) to the end
st-st 3 Rows
(K6,K2 tog) to the end
st-st 3 Rows
(K5,K2 tog) to the end
st-st 12 Rows

Beginning with a K row (K twice into every st) to the end
Continue in st-st 8 Rows
Cast off.

Coat edging sides (make 2)
Cast on 6sts,
Garter st 7 1/2 inch or the fit both sides of your coat edge.

Coat edging bottom (make 1)
Cast on 6sts,
Garter st 13 inch or o fit around bottom of your coat.

Sew pieces into place on coat.

Sleeves (make 2)

Using black cast on 40sts
Garter st 4 Rows
st-st 10 Rows
K2 tog at the beginning and end of the next and every 2nd row until
34 sts remain.
(K2 tog, K6) to the end.
P1 Row
(K2 tog, K5) to the end. (25sts)
P1 Row
(K2 tog, K4) to the end. (21sts)
P1 Row
(K2 tog, K3) to the end. (17sts)
P1 Row
(K2 tog, K2) to the end. (13sts)
P1 Row
K2 tog 6 times, K1.
Thread yarn through stitches and draw up. Stitch both side edges together.


Using light brown cast on 20sts.
Garter st 6 Rows
Cast Off

Use a straw and push light brown strands of wool down one end. Cut to side and wrap knitted broom strip around the straw. Stitch into place.

Spell Bag

Using purple cast on 30 sts
st-st 15 Rows
stitch the two side together across the bottom to make the bag.
Spell out the words in black, make a draw up cord with black yarn.

Finishing off.

Face, stitch the nose in place and make the eyes with black yarn. No hands are necessary just place the broom and spell bag at the bottom of each sleeve. Secure with a few stitches.

And done!


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