Knee High Bootee’s

This is a vintage pattern for knitting knee high bootees, and it may use vintage terms.

Knee High Bootee’s

What you need

Medium Size
Fleishers Wonderized Babyfair, 1 ball; or Fleishers Silverflake, 1 ball; or Fleishers Baby Zephyr, 3-fold, 1 ball.

Knitting Needles, 1 pair Size 2.

For small size use size 1 needles.
Gauge: 15 Sts = 2 inches


15 ridges = 2 inches

CaSt on 40 Sts for top. Work k 2, p 2 ribbing for 1 ? ins.

Short Rows-FirSt Row-K 26.

2nd Row-Turn, Slip 1 St, k 12.

3rd Row-Turn, Slip 1 St, k 13.

4th Row-Turn, Slip 1 St, k 14. Continue in this way to work 1 St more at end of each Row until all Sts have been worked off. Work garter St (k every Row) for 1 1/2ins. Dec. 1 St each side of next Row; repeat decreases every 6th Row (every 3rd ridge), 3 times (32 Sts). Work even until 4 ins. (on side ridge) from ribbing.

Beading Row-K 1, * yo, k 2 tog; repeat from * 14 times, yo, k 1 (33 Sts). K 1 Row.

Next Row-K 2 tog, k to end (32 Sts). K 2 Rows.

InStep-Slip firSt 10 Sts to holder; join another Strand of yarn, k next 12 Sts; Slip laSt 10 Sts to holder. Work back and forth on 12 Sts for 15 ridges. Break yarn. Slip 10 Sts from firSt holder onto same needle with inStep Sts; k these 10 Sts; pick up and k 14 Sts on side edge of inStep; k 12 inStep Sts; pick up and k 14 Sts on other side of inStep; Slip 10 Sts from holder onto free needle and k these 10 Sts (60 Sts). Work 1 in., end on wrong side.

FirSt dec. Row-K 2 tog, k 26, k 2 tog twice, k 26, k 2 tog (56 Sts). K 1 Row.

2nd dec. Row-K 2 tog, k 24, k 2 tog twice, k 24, k 2 tog (52 Sts). K 1 Row.

3rd dec. Row-K 2 tog, k 22, k 2 tog twice, k 22, k 2 tog (48 Sts). Bind off.

Steam iron flat and sew seam. Run ribbon in beading or make a cord to draw up bootee.

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  1. These are great! Stay on those little kickers too:)

  2. Doesnt work! Humph!

  3. Baby can go-go in these adorable booties!(they look alittle bit like go-go boots)

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