DIY Book Bag

Here is a pattern to create a bag strong enough to carry your books!

DIY Book Bag

What you need

Sewing Machine


1: Cut your patterns use newspaper or pattern paper.

Book Bag Pattern


2: Cut your fabric cut 2 of body of each of the following:

main fabric, interfacing, lining.

Cut 1 of bottom piece of each of the following:

main fabric, interfacing, lining.

Cut 2 of side pieces of each of the following:

main fabric, interfacing, lining

cut 1 of outside pocket of just the main fabric.

cut 1 of flap of each of the following: main fabric, interfacing, lining

cut 1 of strap of each of the following:

main fabric, interfacing

Cut 1 of the inside pocket of either main fabric or lining depending on the look you are going for.

3. Iron Interfacing to all outside pieces except the outside pocket.

4. Sew outside pocket to the body positioned in desirable spot.

5. Sew side pieces to the body, wrong sides together.

6. Sew bottom piece to the body, wrong sides also together.

7. Sew corner of side pieces to the corners of the bottom piece.

8. Sew other body piece to other pieces, wrong side out.

9. Do the same with lining pieces skipping steps 3 & 4.

10. Remember to sew inside pocket to the inside-back lining piece… on the correct side.

11. Next you want to put right side of bag together with wrong side of lining and sew together. Remember to leave a hole to pull fabric through. 12. Pull fabric through, close hole, attach straps (positioned where desired) and sew around top giving bag a nice finish.

13. Viola you should be finished!

This project was contributed by Tai

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  1. So I have this pattern and I am trying to make it but the instructions say nothing about how to attach the flap or how to sew together the strap, it is also very unclear on how to even sew both large parts of the bag, to make it a bag. I like how it has turned out so far but I feel as if I need to figure out the rest on my own.

  2. this looks like a very good book bag. I have been looking for easy fast projects that I can use for something and this fits all of those.

  3. Love it.
    Finished pic is on top ppl!
    I am kinda young but i love sewing
    this will be my first sewing pattern made!

  4. it seems nice..but picture of the whole procedure will make it clear :)

  5. addey411 says:

    I like your idea it’s pretty cool,and fun.

  6. I love this craft, but it could use step by step photos. Still 5 stars, though.

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