DIY Blow Up Balloon Invitation

These balloon invitations have to be blown up to be read. They are a great novelty invitation.

DIY Blow Up Balloon Invitation

What you need

Permanent Marker


Blow up the Balloons, but do not tie them up. You can use a balloon pump also.

Use a clip or peg for a temporary hold.

Write the invitation on the outside of the balloon with permanent pen/marker. Allow the ink to dry.

Let the air out of the balloon to deflate it.

Pop the balloon into an envelope and post with a small instruction card that says “Blow Up The Balloon”.

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  1. kool

  2. really cute idea! Wish Ii would have seen this before last month when we hosted our Granddaughters 2nd birthday party! But there is always next year!

  3. all you people who say the directions are hard are just idiots because im going to 7th grade and read it jus fine

    sincerly, someone smart

  4. omg so fun

  5. it’s so cool

  6. Oh my god, this is so cute! :)

  7. I think this is a very good and fun idea!

  8. it’s really cool.

  9. cool

  10. it sound sooo cool love it .how do they come up with these things?


  12. Wow great idea! its a good idea to use a ballpoint pen though.
    if you use it for wedding invitation use white balloons.

  13. uniqe and fun.

  14. Sounds like a good idea even for a wedding invite. The catch for that could be to bring the invite to the bridal shower or batchelor party and used for something there.

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