Beaded Watch Strap

Convert a simple watch into a beaded masterpiece with these simple step by step instructions. This Watch strap uses two threads to create an entwining design that looks like a masterpiece.

Beaded Watch Strap

What you need

Watch Face
3 Large beads 8-10mm
45 Assorted smaller beads
Elastic Jewelry Thread


I used a childhood Mickey Mouse watch I had that the strap no longer fit me. But you could even use an inexpensive store bought watch and just remove the straps.

The best thing about this design is it’s use of assorted and odd beads.

We used plastic beads, glass beads and added some jade beads for a rich expensive finish.

Cut 2 pieces of elastic thread to desired length of the total watch and add around 15cms for tying off.

Holding the 2 pieces together as one tie them around One side of the watch face. You should have an existing bar where the old watch strap was as shown in the picture below. Tie the cord around that area so it is secure.

Separate the threads and add 9 beads to each strand then place the threads together and add a large bead.

Separate the threads and add 9 beads to each strand and then place the threads together and add another large bead.

Keep doing this one more time until your beads are used up and then finish off by tying the end threads to the watch.

If your 45 beads do not reach the desired length add some extra beads, we used beads ranging from 4-7mms in size.

The key to a great watch strap is it’s color scheme, pick beads that are on the same color palette for a blended look.

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  1. What size elastic thread does one use? They come in 3 4 5 25 mm.. Who knows what size to use.

  2. Well, it sounded pretty good, only I don’t know where the pictures are…can you email them to me? And also, if you are using the pins that came with the original strap…wouldn’t pulling on the elastic (new) band pull these pins out and make the watch fall? Thanks for the help.

  3. Very nice colours! I saw this when I was looking for more ideas of colour schemes and design ideas for beaded watches I make and sell. Using an old watch or one with a broken band is a great idea if you’re making it for yourelf or a family member. They also sell watch faces at craft stores specifically for the purpose of making beaded bands. I usually make my beaded watches more like a bracelet, with beading wire and a toggle or other clasp, which requires crimp beads, etc., but this way is great for a beginner! :-)

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