Wreath – Dried Yarrow

Wreath – Dried Yarrow

If you are lucky enough to have yarrow growing close to you, or if you grow it in your flower garden, you can use it to make a beautiful dried flower wreath.

What you need

12 inch straw wreath form
Floral pins
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
#22 gauge floral wire
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Strong scissors
Dried yarrow blossoms (about 100)
Clear craft spray sealer
Enough ribbon for a bow (optional)
Assorted dried plant material, such as pinecones, seed pods or dried flowers (optional)
Wired wood floral picks to attach additional dried plant material (optional)


Yarrow is a beautiful flower that grows wild in some areas of the country; it can also be cultivated as a perennial and is found in garden centers. Yarrow flowers generally bloom in June and July, so pick enough while you can get it. Although yarrow will dry naturally if left on the plant, it can become damaged in the process by rain, insects and the wind. It is better to pick the yarrow yourself and dry it indoors. There are many different colors of this beautiful flower, but yellow is probably the most common color. You can make the wreath out of all one color, or mix and match colors to add variety. Don’t have a plant near you? then you can buy dried Yarrow flowers here.

1.    Start by laying the straw wreath form on a table or workspace, protecting the surface with a vinyl tablecloth to prevent damage.

2.    Turn the wreath over and use the floral wire to create a small hanging loop. Place this loop so that it is not visible from the front of the wreath when hung.

3.    Using the floral picks, start attaching the heads of yarrow. You can choose whatever method looks best. In most cases, the wreath will look best if yarrow blossoms cover the entire wreath form. However, you can also let some of the straw wreath show through the blossoms if desired.

4.    You can use the hot glue gun to further attach the yarrow heads, or to hold the blossoms in a more visually pleasing arrangement. Continue adding and securing the yarrow blossoms until the entire wreath form is covered. Your wreath will look best if you stagger the flowers so that they are not all pointing in the same direction.

5.    If desired, use the floral wire and wired wooden picks to attach other varieties of plant materials to the wreath.

6.    Once all the dried plant materials are securely in place, spray the entire wreath with a good quality clear craft spray sealer to help protect it from moisture.

7.    Once the sealer is completely dry, use the ribbon to add a bow if desired.

8.    You can now hang this wreath and display it in your home. A yarrow wreath also looks great displayed flat on the table with a floral arrangement or candle in the center as a table centerpiece.

Alyssa Davis writes for Metal-Wall-Art.com and is a specialist in creating unique interiors with coffee metal wall sculptures and outdoor wall decorations.


  1. great project..I love using yarrow..

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