Autumn Leaves and Potpourri Jar

Autumn Leaves and Potpourri Jar

This is a simple way to create a Autumn Leaves and Potpourri Jar.

What you need

1. Colorful fall leaves from any craft store
2. Scented potpourri
3. Wired fall colored ribbon (if you can find wired)
4. Battery operated tealight


1. Clean and dry a pretty sized jar. Line the walls with colored fall leaves and make sure they line the jar and no spaces are empty.

2. Put your scented potpourri inside to the top, preferably some nice warm autumn scent since there are so many out there. I was crazy deciding was kind to get.

3. Make a pretty bow outside with the wired ribbon if you have the wired ribbon.

4. Set a battery operated tealight on top of potpourri. When you light the tealight, it will light up the jar and also give the room a slight aroma of the warm potpourri.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!