Wreath Made From Dried Apples

Wreath Made From Dried Apples

This free Christmas craft shows you how to make a wreath for your door or wall and is a nice country home-style alternative to commercial style wreaths.

What you need

Dried apple pieces
Cane wreath or embroidery hoop
Craft glue
Spray varnish
Dried flowers


Start by taking your dried apple pieces and laying them out onto your work space. You can make your own dried apple in either a dehydrator machine or simply slicing them and rubbing them in salt and lemon juice. Leave them outside to dry for around a week.

Spray each piece of apple with varnish to help preserve it. Make sure you do it on both sides of each apple slice.

Take your hoop and layer the apples onto it, securing each one with craft glue and overlapping the next slice and securing with glue. Repeat this process until the hole hoop is covered. Using dried flowers glue them into the wreath at random locations. You can use these flowers to hide any broken edges of gaps or uses holly leaves.

Take a large Christmas ribbon and tie it around the top into a loop.

If you hoop doesn’t already have a wire hanger then using some craft wire twist one into the back of the wreath at the top. Make sure it is in the middle or your wreath will droop.

Hang it on your door, inside or out.


  1. Cute, nice and simple.

  2. people! why bother writing that it is not for you. We all have different tastes and styles. These people have generously spent their time and energy in sharing these ideas. Save your energy and write positive comments on the crafts that you do like.

    i think it is great by the way 🙂

  3. wow!

  4. i’m not fond of it, but i know some country/rustic fans would love it…

  5. Greatest site ever I love doing crafts and I give homemade gifts all the time. Now the money is not there to do big gifts and these are affordable and will still let the people I love feel special to get something. Thanks


  7. What is used for the hoop?

  8. i think it is good for sum people but not for me

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