Wood Burn Rose Coaster

Wood Burn Rose Coaster

Embellish your normal coasters with this simple rose pattern.

What you need

Wood burning tool, Tip, Wood coaster, round or square (optional)
carbon paper, tape, acrylic paints, pink and green, varnish. Add felt for the back of the coaster 1 inch square on each corner.


You can find wood coasters at any craft or hobby store, even walmart.

1.  Select your wood coaster. Choose a small cutting tip, attach it to your wood burning tool and then plug to heat it up.  Be careful the wood burning tool will be very hot.

2.  Place a piece of carbon paper, ink side down, on top of the area on the wood where you would like the design.  Tape it on to the wood with masking tape or removable tape,  So the design does not slip while you trace the rose.

3.  After you trace the rose design you can begin to wood burn.

4.  Now paint the rose with your acrylic paints.  Let dry.

5.  When all done, seal the wood coasters with varnish, polyurethane or other wood finish.  Lightly apply the first 2 coats. Now sprinkle the silver glitter over the rose only but not too much, just lightly to give it a pretty sparkle.  Than add several layers of the varnish.

6. Now glue your felt on the back of coasters.

Now you have a very pretty coaster. Enjoy.

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