Wire Wrapped Candle

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What you need

1 yard (1mt) length of jewelry wire


This is a great way to jazz up a store bought candle. You can use candles of any size and shape.
These candles are great for centerpieces or gift giving.
Take your length of jewelry wire and thread the beads, charms and sequins onto the length of wire. You can secure each bead into place when it is on the candle.
Wrap the wire around the candle.
Place the beads in random pattern around the candle. You can secure the beads with a small amount of glue or use a crimp bead.
Once the wire is tight there really is no need to secure the beads unless you intend on moving the candle a lot.
I centered the charm in the middle of my candle with the sequins and beads just scattered around the candle.
You can complete these candles in so many different themes.

Baby Charms – For Showers or mums to be
Wedding Charms – For wedding favors or bridal gifts
Birth Stones – Secure a birth stone for a birthday gift
Christmas Charms – Great last minute gifts

You are only limited by your imagination!


  1. I absolutely love this idea and can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself after seeing all the beautiful candles for sale in the specialty shops. Great idea!! Can’t wait to make one. Thanks……..

    Re: Guest: the beads won’t burn if they’re glass and therefore NOT a fire hazard.

  2. clever idea and so easy to make, great for secret santa at christmas

  3. Awesome! Im not getting married but this is a great idea for a prezzie!

  4. this project is really good.they make good presies!

  5. no1grandma says

    Made these as accents for my daughters wedding reception using silver wire with clear and black beads. They turned out great and super inexpensive.

  6. sweet & cute

  7. looked good although my wire wasn’t stiff enough and ended up using heaps of glue.

  8. Couldn’t the beads burn or melt? That would be a fire hazard! THe things people come up with these days!!!

  9. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    There is no need to push the wire into the candle as it stays in place very well with a light weight wire.

  10. Are you attaching the wire by bending the ends and just sticking them into the candle?

  11. nice, cheap & easy! Thanks!

  12. llmcd@tds.net says

    Have made many of these in the past, and also painted designs on candles and added my dried flowers onto them. They are always well received.

  13. Great idea! Does anyone know how to secure the ends of the wire for the begining and end?

  14. Easy to make and very pretty!

  15. Very simple and pretty.

  16. I plan to make for Christmas gifts

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