Wedding Placemats for Showcasing Party Favors

Wedding Placemats for Showcasing Party Favors

I discovered this in 2010 when I planned my big day. I saved money and gave my wedding a personal touch by creating my own wedding decorations using my scrapbooking supplies!

What you need

Paper Placemats
Paper in Accent Colors
Adhesive (Double Stick Tape or Scrapbooking Mounting Squares)
Creative Memories Cutting System Blades
Creative Memories Small Circle Shape
Creative Memories Small Heart Shape
*Tin Buckets
*Mints and Nuts

* = Wedding Favors of Your Choice


We hosted a casual reception so instead of renting expensive linens for the tables, I saved money by designing wedding placemats. I used these placemats to add color to each table and to showcase the party favors I wanted my guests to enjoy!

This wedding decoration is simple and can easily be altered to fit your wedding style. In the example pictured above, I used the placemat to display bubbles and tin buckets filled with mints and nuts. Follow the steps below to achieve the same look!

1. Purchase paper placemats online or at your local party store in your main wedding color . Then, buy a stack of paper in your second wedding color. (In our example, we used teal and peach.) When planning to create this craft in bulk, consider buying colored printer paper from an office supply store such as staples . Next, decide if you would like a third accent color. I recommend using something neutral such as a black and white flower print.

2. Use your Creative Memories cutting system to cut out shapes to add to your placemats. (If you do not own a die cutting system, you will need to purchase a cheap stencil or use a household item such as a soup can for tracing.) Use the Creative Memories small circle shape and the blue blade (largest) to cut a circle in your second wedding color. Then, use the small circle and the red blade (smallest) to create a second layer in your neutral color. Finally, use the Creative Memories small heart shape and the red blade to cut out one heart per placemat in the color of your choice.

3. Use adhesive such as double stick tape or scrapbooking mounting squares to fix your shapes to the placemat. (I do not recommend glue. It tends to wrinkle paper or leak through.)

4. Showcase party favors (such as tin buckets filled with treats) on each shape. Set 1-2 placemats on each table.

Jennifer Neumann is an independent scrapbooking consultant. She loves sharing her scrapbooking ideas and techniques in her weekly YouTube scrapbooking tutorials.

Planning a wedding on a budget is a challenge!

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