Dollar Tree Tulip Wreath Tutorial

Dollar Tree Tulip Wreath Tutorial

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a Tulip Wreath using basic supplies from the Dollar Tree store.

What you need

18 inch Grapevine Wreath 

Wire Cutters

I used a premade burlap bow 

Dollar Tree Pink Tulips (2 bunches)

Dollar tree small white flowers with yellow in the center

Eucalyptus bunch 


Using the wire cutters cut the stems of all of the flower and half of the eucalyptus bunch. I left about 3 inches of the stem


(I didn’t hot glue the flowers in but for more stability and longer lasting, I would add some hot glue to each stem before placing it in between the grapevine)

When adding the flowers, I started with the top section of the wreath first. I started by adding the tulips first. I just weaved the stem in between the grapevine. I next added the eucalyptus pieces to give it some fullness and added green color. I then sporadically added the pieces with the white flowers.


The pre made bow had a tie in the back so I used that to tie the bow to the grapevine. After securing the bow I then added the flowers to the bottom section of the wreath underneath the bow.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!