Wax Wrapped Candles

Wax Wrapped Candles

These candles are so easy to make and the presentation is great making them suitable for gifts.

There is not heating involved making them a fun project for all ages and the bees wax smells divine.

What you need

Sheet Bees Wax
Store Bought Taper Candle
Raffia Ribbon


All you need is sheet bees wax and a store bought candle to wrap.

Place the candle down onto the bees wax sheet and using a knife score out the height you will need and then measure the length by rolling the candle as you mark it.

Using a sharp pair of scissors cut out the rectangle and wrap it around the candle.

Place the edges of wax that meet together and press them into each other to close the seam. Roll the candle a few times to press it together.

Finish off the candle by adding a raffia bow or some ribbon.


  1. its beautiful! and simple, a great mothers day present. my mom was very happy with it.

  2. Neat!

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