Vanilla Body Scrub

Vanilla Body Scrub

Use the goodness of vanilla to enhance this body scrub.

What you need

3 cups of Epsom salts or existing bath salt.
3/4 cup of Base oil eg. Olive oil
3/4 cup of Sweet almond oil
1/2 tsp of Vanilla fragrant oil


This would make a lovely gift for someone special, wrap it up in a decorative jar and attach a spoon for easy application.

Mix all ingredients together then apply to the skin and scrub. Rinse well.


  1. this is great i love stuff like this!!! i think you can find almond oils next t the olive oil at the grocery store

  2. looks great! i have the same question about almond oils. where in the world buy that? health food stores, maybe?

  3. adding a citrus oil will help preserve it for longer.. also, sugar works well 🙂 and honey would be good too, as its antiseptic and moisturizing..

  4. how long is this good for? couple days? a week?

  5. Where is best place to get the almond and vanilla oils?

  6. awesome i tryed it and i smelted like vanilla for a week

  7. Great recipe, really liked it.

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